Long Awaited West

Long Awaited West

Eastern Europe since 1944
Stefano Bottoni, translated by Sean Lambert
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 10/19/2017
Format: Hardback 7 maps
ISBN: 978-0-253-02695-8
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What is Eastern Europe and why is it so culturally and politically separate from the rest of Europe? In Long Awaited West, Stefano Bottoni considers what binds these countries together in an increasingly globalized world. Focusing on economic and social policies, Bottoni explores how Eastern Europe developed and, more importantly, why it remains so distant from the rest of the continent. He argues that this distance arises in part from psychological divides which have only deepened since the global economic crisis of 2008, and provides new insight into Eastern Europe's significance as it finds itself located - both politically and geographically - between a distracted European Union and Russia’s increased aggressions.

Author Bio

Stefano Bottoni is Senior Fellow at the Center for the Humanities of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. His research concerns the political usage of nationality, and his work has been published in several languages.

Sean Lambert is a freelance Hungarian-to-English translator, with ten years of experience as an English-language journalist in Hungary. He has also translated Stefano Bottoni’s forthcoming Stalin and the Székelys: History of the Hungarian Autonomous Region.


 — Choice

“Bottoni’s work is comprehensive and comes with a current bibliography that will serve both graduate scholars and specialised researchers interested not only in recent trends but also in a deeper perspective on the East European past.”
 — Europe-Asia Studies

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Eastern Europe: Reframing a Debated Concept
1. On Soviet Turf (1944-1948)
2. Terror and Thaw (1949-1955)
3. Political Crises and Social Consolidation (1956-1972)
4. The Decline and Fall of the Soviet Bloc (1973-1991)
5. Return to Europe? The Post-communist Galaxy
6. Eastern Europe Today: Western Periphery or Buffer Zone?
Epilogue: Unreflective Mimetism and National Egoism