Mexicanos, Third Edition

Mexicanos, Third Edition

A History of Mexicans in the United States
Manuel G. Gonzales
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 06/05/2019
Format: Paperback 22 b& w, 3 maps
ISBN: 978-0-253-04172-2
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Responding to shifts in the political and economic experiences of Mexicans in America, this newly revised and expanded edition of Mexicanos provides a relevant and contemporary consideration of this vibrant community. Emerging from the ruins of Aztec civilization and from centuries of Spanish contact with indigenous people, Mexican culture followed the Spanish colonial frontier northward and put its distinctive mark on what became the southwestern United States. Shaped by their Indian and Spanish ancestors, deeply influenced by Catholicism, and often struggling to respond to political and economic precarity, Mexicans play an important role in US society even as the dominant Anglo culture strives to assimilate them. With new maps, updated appendicxes, and a new chapter providing an up-to-date consideration of the immigration debate centered on Mexican communities in the US, this new edition of Mexicanos provides a thorough and balanced contribution to understanding Mexicans' history and their vital importance to 21st-century America.

Author Bio

Manuel G. Gonzales is Professor Emeritus of History at Diablo Valley College. His books include The Hispanic Elite of the Southwest; (with Richard Delgado) The Politics of Fear: How Republicans Use Money, Race, and the Media to Win; and Mendota: Life and Times of an Emerging Latino Community, 1891–2012. He is editor (with Cynthia M. Gonzales) of En Aquel Entonces: Readings in Mexican American History.


"A must-read book for anyone interested in Southwest history."


"This book is definitely one that you need on your bookshelf."


"The best short introduction yet to the history of Mexicans in the U.S. could not have come at a better time."


"Stress on facts and chronology make for clear explanations, especially for those just becoming acquainted with Mexican American history."

 (Arnoldo De León)

"[A] general history survey must be accurate, compelling, and inclusive of all matter of historical and cultural experiences. To its credit, Mexicanos provides exemplary balance and perspective."


"It is a page-turner that reads more like a novel than a history book.... The book provides insight into a people non-Mexicanos should see, not as interlopers, but as the latest wave in a centuries-old migration of people and culture, and a movement that is parallel to the great western expansion from the east."


"Gonzales' book should be of much interest."


"Gratifyingly well written and illustrated, and featuring an extensive index and bibliography, Mexicanos is highly recommended for general readers, historians, and professors of Chicano studies."

 (Richard Delgado)

"Especially good in weaving relevant historical developments in Mexico throughout the analysis. This... adds a much-needed transnational dimension to Mexican American history.... A readable, engaging, and lively synthesis."

 (David G. Gutiérrez)

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Table of Contents



1. Spaniards and Native Americans, Prehistory-1521

2. The Spanish Frontier, 1521-1821

3. The Mexican Far North, 1821-1848

4. The American Southwest, 1848-1900

5. The Great Migration, 1900-1930

6. The Depression, 1930-1940

7. The Second World War and Its Aftermath, 1940-1965

8. The Chicano Movement, 1965-1975

9. Goodbye to Aztlán, 1975-1994

10. The Hispanic Challenge, 1994-2008

11. Mexicanos and the Homeland Security State, 2008-Present

Appendix A: National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies Scholars of the Year

Appendix B: Hispanic-American Medal of Honor Recipients

Select Bibliography of Chicana/o Studies since 2000