Israeli Foreign Policy

Israeli Foreign Policy

A People Shall Not Dwell Alone
Uri Bialer
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 03/03/2020
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 978-0-253-04620-8
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Uri Bialer lays a foundation for understanding the principal aspects of Israeli foreign policy from the early days of the state's existence to the Oslo Accords. He presents a synthetic reading of sources, many of which are recently declassified official documents, to cover Israeli foreign policy over a broad chronological expanse. Bialer focuses on the objectives of Israel's foreign policy and its actualization, especially as it concerned immigration policy, oil resources, and the procurement of armaments. In addition to identifying important state actors, Bialer highlights the many figures who had no defined diplomatic roles but were influential in establishing foreign policy goals. He shows how foreign policy was essential to the political, economic, and social well-being of the state and how it helped to deal with Israel's most intractable problem, the resolution of the conflict with Arab states and the Palestinians.

Author Bio

Uri Bialer is Emeritus Professor of International Relations and holds the Maurice B. Hexter Chair in International Relations-Middle Eastern Studies at The Hebrew University. He is author of Cross on the Star of David.



Uri Bialer has brought together a comprehensive work that will appeal to those who wish to understand Israel, international relations, and the principals of policy making when global interests cannot be ignored.


 (Donna Robinson Divine, author of Exiled in the Homeland)


A serious reader will put this book down having gained a very good sense of Israel's dealings with other nations in its early years.


 (Alan Dowty, author of Arabs and Jews in Ottoman Palestine)

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Table of Contents




Part 1. The Historical Legacy

1. Jewish Diplomacy

2. The Foreign Relations of the Yishuv

3. A State in the Making

4. The War of Independence

Part 2. The Goals and the Test of Reality

5. "Our Raison d'Être"

6. A Land of Milk and Honey but No Oil

7. "Let My People Go"

Part 3. Strategic Relations

8. France—Weapons Recognition and Grandeur

9. Sub-Saharan Africa—Failed Expectations

10. The United States—The Chosen Venue

Part 4. Peace

11. Egypt—Diplomacy under the Shadow of the Sphinx

Epilogue: From Lake Success to Oslo

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