Nation, Empire, Colony

Nation, Empire, Colony

Historicizing Gender and Race
Distribution: World
Publication date: 11/22/1998
Format: Paperback 2 figures, 1 index
ISBN: 978-0-253-21191-0
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... a lively and interesting book... " —American Historical Review

These writers reveal the power relations of gender, class, race, and sexuality at the heart of the imperialisms, colonialisms, and nationalisms that have shaped our modern world. Topics include the (mis)representations of Native women by European colonizers, the violent displacement of women through imperialisms and nationalisms, and the relations between and among feminism, nationalism, imperialism, and colonialism.

Author Bio

Ruth Roach Pierson, Professor of Women’s History and Feminist Studies at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, is the author of "They’re Still Women After All": The Second World War and Canadian Womanhood, Women and Peace: Theoretical, Historical, and Practical Perspectives, and co-editor of No Easy Road: Women in Canada 1920s to 1960s, and of Writing Women’s History: International Perspectives.
Nupur Chaudhuri, who teaches at Kansas State University, is the co-editor of Western Women and Imperialism: Complicity and Resistance, and co-editor of a special issue on "Gender, Race, Class, Sexuality: National and Global Perspectives" for the National Women’s Studies Journal. She has written extensively on gender and imperialism and her articles have appeared in Journal of Women’s History, Women’s History Review, and Victorian Studies.

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Table of Contents

Ruth Roach Pierson

Chapter One
Maori Agriculturalists and Aboriginal Hunter-Gatherers: Women and Colonial Displacement in Nineteenth-Century Aotearoa/New Zealand and Southeastern Australia
Patricia Grimshaw

Chapter Two
Enfranchising Women of Color: Woman Suffragists as Agents of Imperialism
Rosalyn Terborg-Penn

Chapter Three
Gendered Colonialism: The "Woman Question" in Settler Society
Dolores E. Janiewski

Chapter Four
Actions Louder than Words: The Historical Task of Defining Feminist Consciousness in Colonial West Africa
Cheryl Johnson-Odim

Chapter Five
Frontier Feminism and the Marauding White Man: Australia, 1890s to 1940s
Marilyn Lake

Chapter Six
The Porfiriato and the Mexican Revolution: Constructions of Feminism and Nationalism
Gabriela Cano

Chapter Seven
The Politics of Irish Identity and the Interconnections between Feminism, Nationhood and Colonialism
Breda Gray and Louise Ryan

Chapter Eight
Cohabiting and Conflicting Identities: Women and Nationalisms in Twentieth-Century Iran
Joanna de Groot

Chapter Nine
Orthodoxy, Cultural Nationalism and Hindutva Violence: An Overview of the Gender Ideology of the Hindu Right Tanika Sarkar

Chapter Ten
Surviving Absence: Jewishness and Femininity in Liberation France, 1944-45
Karen Adler

Chapter Eleven
Men, Women and the Community Borders: German-Nationalist and National Socialist Discourses on Gender, "Race," and National Identity in Austria, 1918-1938
Johanna Gehmacher

Chapter Twelve
Images of Sara Bartman: Sexuality, Race and Gender in Early Nineteenth-Century Britain
Yvette Abrahams

Chapter Thirteen
Sexual and Racial Discrimination: An Historical Inquiry into the Japanese Military’s "Comfort" Women System of Enforced Prostitution
Sayoko Yoneda

Chapter Fourteen
Vacations in the "Contact Zone": Race, Gender and the Traveller a