The Italian Left in the Twentieth Century

The Italian Left in the Twentieth Century

A History of the Socialist and Communist Parties
De Grand, Alexander
Distribution: World
Publication date: 03/22/1989
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 978-0-253-33107-6
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... a very fair and intelligent description of the vicissitudes of the two parties and students seeking a readable and jargon-free overview of the subject-matter should be directed to this text." —History

De Grand’s study is exceptional in its comprehensive historical perspective... a revealing and evocative synthesis." —Marion S. Miller

De Grand is a useful guide to the complex history of the Italian left." —Thomas R. Brooks, New York City Tribune

An excellent overview of the vital Italian left-wing... " —Book Reader

This is a well-written, readable, rather detailed though not ponderous, discussion of the politics of the parties of the Italian Left in this century up to the present time." —Perspective

... will add immeasurably to our understanding of and appreciation for a country tormented at various times in the past century." —Mediterranean Quarterly

... well-written and extensively researched... De Grand illustrates a clear and obvious path of development on the Italian left... " —L’Italo-Americano

It is... a pleasure to note the appearance of Alexander De Grand’s book... By providing an almost side-by-side summary of the thought and action of both parties... De Grand renders a unique contribution." —American Historical Review

... a good starting point for students of Italian history and politics, as well as anyone with an interest in the modern European Left.... It offers both a solid introduction to, and a persuasive interpretation of, its subject." —Journal of Modern History

De Grand chronicles the history of the Italian Socialist and Communist parties—natural allies yet also enemies, in the struggle to reform society.

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Table of Contents


Part One: The Left from the Formation of the Italian Socialist Party to the Triumph of Fascism

Chapter 1 The Origins of the Socialist Movement in Italy, 1860-1900
Chapter 2 The Heyday of Reformism and the Challenge of Revolutionary Socialism, 1900-1917
Chapter 3 The Left between Revolution and Reaction, 1917-1920
Chapter 4 The Creation of the Italian Communist Party, 1921-1926
Chapter 5 The Years of Exile, 1926-1943

Part Two: The Left and the Republic

Chapter 6 The Fall of Fascism and the Establishment of the Republic
Chapter 7 The Cold War and the Creation of a Bipolar Political System
Chapter 8 The Left in the Years of Centrism, 1948-1960
Chapter 9 The Opening to the Left: New Beginning or False Start
Chapter 10 The Perils of Prosperity, 1968-1979

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