The Patterns of War through the Eighteenth Century

The Patterns of War through the Eighteenth Century

Addington, Larry H.
Distribution: World
Publication date: 02/12/2009
Format: Paperback 9 b&w illus., 18 maps
ISBN: 978-0-253-20551-3
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... a concise, highly readable survey of pre- 19th-century warfare." —Choice

A remarkable tour de force covering a vast span of time, different cultures, warfare by land and sea." —Gunther Rothenberg

A history of war and warfare from ancient to early modern times, Larry Addington’s new book completes his survey of the patterns of war in the Western world. It explains not only what happened in warfare but why war in a certain time and culture took on distinct and recognizable patterns.

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Table of Contents


ONE. Ancient Warfare before the Age of Rome
Pre-civilzed Warfare, 200,000-3200 B.C.
Warfare in the Near East, 3200-500 B.C.
Early Western Warfare: The Greek Way, 499-362 B.C.
The Macedonian Art of War and Alexander the Great
Ancient Warfare in India and China

TWO. War in the Age of Rome
The Roman Army, 509-146 B.C.
Roman Expansion, Reforms, and Civil Wars to 29 B.C.
The Army of Imperial Rome
War in India, China, and Japan

THREE. War in the Middle Ages
The Byzantine Struggle to Survive
Frankish Dominance and Charlemagne
From Charlemagne to the Norman Conquest
The Age of the Crusades
Medieval Warfare at Zenith
The Mongol Conquests and Medieval Russia
The Hundred Years War, 1337-1453

FOUR. Early Modern Land Warfare, 1494-1721
The Wars for Italy, 1494-1559
The Dutch Revolt, 1568-1648
The Thirty Years War, 1618-1648
The Early Modern Army in England to 1661
The Age of Louis XIV and Peter the Great
The patterns of Land Warfare, 1494-1721

FIVE. War under Sail and European Overseas Expansion to 1725
The Early Sailing Navies and the Armada Campaign of 1588
Navies of the 17th and 18th Centuries
England’s Rise to Naval Supremacy
European Overseas Expansion and Conquest

SIX. The Patterns of Neoclassical War, 1725-1789
Land Warfare in the Neoclassical Age
The European Navies in the Neoclassical Age
European Wars of the Neoclassical Age
The Neoclassical Wars Overseas
The Legacies of the Neoclassical Age