To Bear Any Burden
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To Bear Any Burden

The Vietnam War and Its Aftermath in the Words of Americans and Southeast Asians
Al Santoli
Distribution: World
Publication date: 4/1/1999
Format: paper 374 pages
6.125 x 9.25
ISBN: 978-0-253-21304-4
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“To Bear Any Burden is necessary to understand the most significant aspect of the Indochina wars: the human one.” —Tran Van Dinh, author of Blue Dragon White Tiger: A Tet Story

“At least this reader would like to spend hours if not days talking to each of the people within these pages.” —Jack Reynolds, Network Correspondent, NBC

" . . . remarkable insight into the human aspect of the war." —Library Journal

The 48 American and Asian veterans, refugees, and officials who speak in this book come from widely divergent backgrounds. In their narratives we hear them reliving crucial moments in the preparation, execution, and aftermath of war. It is a riveting, eyewitness account of the war and also reclaims from this tragic continuum larger patterns of courage and dedication.

Author Bio

Al Santoli is the author of several books, including the New York Times bestseller Everything We Had, which was nominated for a 1983 American Book Award. He served in Vietnam with the 25th Infantry Division and received three Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star for valor.

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Table of Contents

Section I: April 1975
City of Phantoms, Kassie Neou
The River, David Schiacchitano
The Victory Parade, Truong Nhu Tang
Giai Phong (Liberation), Tran Van Luu
Section II: Democrats and Revolutionaries, 1954-1963
Land of the Open Fly, Anne Miller
The White House Mission, Gen. Edward Lansdale
Revolution, Mrs. Le Thi Anh
The nationalist Forces, Ha Thuc Ky
Land Reform, Hoang Van Chi
The Geneva Conference, Stephen Young
The New Republic, Gen. Edward Lansdale
Pacification, Rufus Phillips
The Seeds of War, Nguyen Tuong Lai
The Underground School, Truong Mealy
The Barefoot Dancer, Gen. Edward Lansdale
Invitation to a Sideshow, Penn Nouth
The Scrabble Game, Gen. Edward Lansdale
The Third Force, Ha Thuc Ky
The Ho Chi Minh Trail, Nguyen Toung Lai
The National Liberation Front, Truong Nhu Tang
The Chinese Priest, Gen. Edward Lansdale
The Forest of Pencils, Anne Miller
The Cyclops, Rufus Phillips
POW, Dan Pitzer
The Short Tour, Chuck Allen
Section III: War Without Glory
Kennedy's Soldiers, Frank McCarthy
The Gathering Storm, Ken Moorefield
What is Beautiful, Gen. Lu Mong Lan
Self-Deception, Edward Brady
the Cherry, Rufus Phillips/Jonathan Polanksy
Care Packages, Jim Noonan
Leatherneck Square, Adolphus Stuart
Rules of Engagement, Mark Berent
Soldier of the Revolution, Nguyen Tuong Lai
Project Delta, Chuck Allen
Counterterror, Gen. Lu Mong Lan
The Deserted Village, Adolphus Stuart
The Shadow, Nguyen Tuong Lai
The Release, Dan Pitzer
Psychological Warfare, Truong Nhu Tang
Rings of Steel, Rufus Phillips
The Duck Pond, David Schiacchitano
The Cease-Fire, Tran Van Luu
Tactical Victory, Strategic Defeat, Col. Harry Summers
Grasping Straws, Peter Braestrup
The Tet Photo, Eddie Adams
Player Dramatic Teams, Ron Norris
Ticket-Punching, Ken Moorefield
Body Count, Col. Dennison Lane
Maharajas, Gen. Edward Lansdale
In Our Own Image, Edward Brady
Rice, Adolphus Stuart
Village Development, Stephen Young
Peace Poems, Mrs. Le Thi Anh
Vietnamization, Peter Braestrup
The Paris Agreement, Edward Brady
The Clairvoyant, Chhang Song
Trust, Co.. Dennison Lane
Reparations, Col. Harry Summerns
The Fall of Saigon, Ken Moorefield
Section IV: No War, No Peace
Pilots in Pajamas, Janis Dodge
Holocaust, Berta Romero/Kassie Neou
The Coalition Government, Dr. Yang Dao
Seminar Camp, Prasith Sayaphon
Prisoners of conscience, Ginetta Sagan
The Stubborn Guy, Doan Van Toai
Juges et Condamnes, Al Santoli
The Concert, Doan Van Toai
The Discipline House, Tran Tri Vu
The Vigil, Mrs. Lu Thi Duc
New Economic Zone, Tran Thanh Son
Winners and Losers, Col. Harry Summers
Promises, Nguyen Cong Hoan
Tigers, Hoang Van Chi
New Socialist Man, Nguyen Tuong Lai
Vietnamization of Cambodia, Prak Savath/Oung Chumnet/Mrs. Keo Vey
Section V: Values
The Picnic, Jim Noonan
The Women's Center, Eve Burton
America, Kassie Neou
The Doctor From Honduras, Dr. Erwin Parson
MIAs, Dan Pitzer
Acceptable Level of Casualty, Kay Bosiljevac
The Monument, Jim Noonan
Horatio at the Bridge, Lt. Col. Michael Andrews
The Twilight Zone, Eddie Adams
The Dream, Nguyen Cong Hoan
Full Circle, Ken Moorefield