Looking toward Ararat

Looking toward Ararat

Armenia in Modern History
Suny, Ronald Grigor
Distribution: World
Publication date: 05/22/1993
Format: Paperback 1 figures
ISBN: 978-0-253-20773-9
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As a new independent Republic of Armenia is established among the ruins of the Soviet Union, Armenians are rethinking their history—the processes by which they arrived at statehood in a small part of their historic homeland, and the definitions they might give to boundaries of their nation. Both a victim and a beneficiary of rival empires, Armenia experienced a complex evolution as a divided or an erased polity with a widespread diaspora.

Ronald Grigor Suny traces the cultural and social transformations and interventions that created a new sense of Armenian nationality in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Perceptions of antiquity and uniqueness combined in the popular imagination with the experiences of dispersion, genocide, and regeneration to forge an Armenian nation in Transcaucasia. Suny shows that while the limits of Armenia at times excluded the diaspora, now, at a time of state renewal, the boundaries have been expanded to include Armenians who live beyond the borders of the republic.

Author Bio

RONALD GRIGOR SUNY is Alex Manoogian Professor of Modern Armenian History at the University of Michigan. A specialist in the history of the non-Russian peoples of the Soviet Union, he is the author of The Making of the Georgian Nation and editor of Transcaucasia, Nationalism, and Social Change.

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Table of Contents


Introduction: From National Character to National Tradition

Part One
Imagining Armenia

1 Armenia and Its Rulers

2 Images of the Armenians in the Russian Empire

3 The Emergence of the Armenian Patriotic Intelligentsia in Russia

4 Populism, Nationalism, and Marxism amoung Russia’s Armenians

5 Labor and Socialism amoung Armenians in Transcaucasia

6 Rethinking the Unthinkable: Toward an Understanding of the Armenian Genocide

Part Two
State, Nation, Diaspora

7 Armenia and the Russian Revolution

8 Building a Socialist Nation

9 Stalin and the Armenians

10 Return to Ararat: Armenia in the Cold War

11 The New Nationalism in Armenia

12 Nationalism and Democracy: The Case of Karabagh

13 Looking toward Ararat: The Diaspora and the "Homeland"

14 Armenia on the Road to Independence, Again


Bibliography of Books and Articles in Western Languages on Modern Armenian History