Scroll of Agony

Scroll of Agony

The Warsaw Diary of Chaim A. Kaplan
Chaim A. Kaplan
Translated and edited by Abraham I. Katsh
Distribution: World
Publication date: 6/1/1999
Format: paper 416 pages
5.5 x 8.5
ISBN: 978-0-253-21293-1
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“A precious record of Jewish life under Nazi rule.” —New York Review of Books

“Not only the material for history; it is history itself, agonizingly, triumphantly alive.” —Saturday Review

Warsaw resident Chaim Kaplan’s journal begins on September 1, 1939, the day the Nazi blitzkrieg stunned the world—the Jews of Poland most of all. It ends in August 1942, when Kaplan realized that the Nazi noose was around his neck. Today Kaplan’s diary stands as an extraordinary record of the Nazi destruction of Warsaw's Jewish community. It is as timely as ever.
Published in association with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Author Bio

Chaim A. Kaplan was a teacher and writer in Warsaw. He is believed to have died in late 1942 or early 1943.

Abraham I. Katsh is President Emeritus of Dropsie University in Philadelphia, and Professor Emeritus of Hebrew Culture and Education at New York University.

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