Readings in Culture, Gender, and Technology
Patrick Hopkins
Distribution: World
Publication date: 06/22/1999
Format: Paperback 4 figures, 1 index
ISBN: 978-0-253-21230-6
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... discusses the complex connections between gender and technology... an intriguing and enlightening book, the latest in an outstanding... series by Indiana University Press." —Bruce Hilton, Scripps Howard News Service

How does technology influence gender roles? From personal computers and cyberspace to artificial wombs and sex reassignment surgery, technology has opened up the possibility that sex roles as well as the gendered notions we have of human identity are subject to radical change. This engaging anthology examines long-standing stereotypical associations of men with technology and women with nature and assesses the impact of technologies that have necessarily blurred distinctions between the sexes and altered traditional views of gender.

Author Bio

Patrick D. Hopkins is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Ripon College. He is co-editor (with Larry May and Robert Strikwerda) of Rethinking Masculinity: Philosophical Explorations in Light of Feminism. He is currently working on a book that is provisionally titled, Un/Natural: "Nature," "Culture," and Technology in Moral and Political Discourse.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: The Intersection of Culture, Gender, and Technology by Patrick D. Hopkins

Part 1: Inventing Histories: Gender and Technological Development
1. Women Hold Up Two-Thirds of the Sky: Notes for a Revised History of Technology Autumn Stanley
2. The "Industrial Revolution" in the Home: Household Technology and Social Change in the 20th Century Ruth Schwartz Cowan
3. The Culture of the Telephone Michéle Martin
4. Femininity and the Electric Car Virginia Scharff
5. Does Technology Work for Women Too? Lilia Oblepias-Ramos

Part 2: (Mis?)Conceptions: Morality and Gender Politics in Reproductive Technology
6. Bioethics and Fatherhood Daniel Callahan
7. Artificial Insemination: Who's Responsible? Ronald Munson
8. Sex Preselection: Eugenics for Everyone? Helen B. Holmes
9. The Ethics of Sex Preselection Mary Anne Warren
10. Surrogate Motherhood: The Challenge for Feminists Lori B. Andrews

Part 3: (Re)Locating Fetuses: Technology and New Body Politics
11. Male Pregnancy Dick Teresi and Kathleen McAuliffe
12. Is Pregnancy Necessary? Feminist Concerns About Ectogenesis Julien S. Murphy
13. New Reproductive Technology: Some Implications for the Abortion Issue Christine Overall
14. Opinion in the Matter of Davis v. Davis Supreme Court of the State of Tennessee

Part 4: Body Building: The (Re)Construction of Sex and Sexuality
15. The Medical Construction of Gender: Case Management of Intersexed Infants Suzanne J. Kessler
16. Women and the Knife: Cosmetic Surgery and the Colonization of Women's Bodies Kathryn Pauly Morgan
17. Facing the Dilemma Kathy David
18. Sappho by Surgery Janice G. Raymond
19. The Empire Strikes Back: A Posttranssexual Manifesto Sandy Stone
20. Reproductive Controls and Sexual Destiny Timothy F. Murphy

Part 5: (Virtual?) Gender: From Computer Culture to Cyberspace
21. Computational Reticence: Why Women Fear the Intimate Machine Sherry Tur