Russia • Women • Culture

Russia • Women • Culture

Distribution: World
Publication date: 05/22/1996
Format: Paperback 67 b&w photos
ISBN: 978-0-253-21044-9
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This volume examines areas of cultural production that have offered Russian women new freedoms and have opened commercial and artistic possibilities to them since the 19th century. Key aspects of Russian culture that have been systematically ignored are foregrounded here: Russian women’s development of "popular" culture and their ingenious reinventions of "high" literature. The essays analyze women’s creativity of every type—their products, performances, and collaborative exchanges—in sites that range from the bath-house to the ballroom.

Contributors are Nadezhda Azhgikhina, Lina Bernstein, Nancy Condee, Darra Goldstein, Helena Goscilo, Gitta Hammarberg, Alison Hilton, Beth Holmgren, Mary B. Kelly, Louise McReynolds, Nadya L. Peterson, Stephanie Sandler, and Ol’ga Vainshtein.

Author Bio

HELENA GOSCILO is Professor of Russian at the University of Pittsburgh. Her publications include Balancing Acts and Fruits of Her Plume. BETH HOLMGREN is Associate Professor of Slavic Literatures at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She is author of Women’s Works in Stalin’s Time: On Lidiia Chukovskaia and Nadezhda Mandelstam.

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Table of Contents

Introduction by Helena Goscilo and Beth Holmgren

Part I: Spiritual Facilitations
1. The Second Fantasy Mother, or All Baths Are Women’s Baths—Nancy Condee
2. The Ritual Fabrics of Russian Village Women—Mary B. Kelly

Part II: Body Works
3. Keeping A-breast of the Waist-land: Women’s Fashion in Early-Nineteenth-Century Russia—Helena Goscilo
4. Female Fashion, Soviet Style: Bodies of Ideology—Ol’ga Vainshtein
5. Getting under Their Skin: The Beauty Salon in Russian Women’ Lives—Nadezhda Azhgikhina and Helena Goscilo

Part III: Domestications
6. Flirting with Words: Domestic Albums, 1770–1840—Gitta Hammarberg
7. Domestic Porkbarreling in Nineteenth-Century Russia or Who Holds the Keys to the Larder?—Darra Goldstein
8. Dirty Women: Cultural Connotations of Cleanliness in Soviet Russia—Nadya Peterson

Part IV: Performing Arts
9. Women on the Verge of a New Language: Russian Salon Hostesses in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century—Lina Bernstein
10. Stepping Out/Going Under: Women in Russia’s Twentieth-Century Salons—Beth Holmgren
11. Pleasure, Danger, and the Dance: Nineteenth-Century Russian Variations—Stephanie Sandler
12. "The Incomparable" Anastasiia Vial’tseva and the Culture of Personality—Louise McReynolds

Part V: Class Acts
13. Gendering the Icon: Marketing Women Writers in Fin de Siècle Russia—Beth Holmgren
14. Handicrafts and Creative Freedom: Russian Women’s Art—Alison Hilton