Undeniably Indiana

Undeniably Indiana

Hoosiers Tell the Story of Their Wacky and Wonderful State
Edited by Indiana University Press
Introduction by Nelson Price
Distribution: World
Publication date: 7/28/2016
ISBN: 978-0-253-02234-9
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Officially Endorsed Indiana Bicentennial Legacy Project 2016
In this first crowdsourced book about Indiana, ordinary Hoosiers from all corners of the state share the eclectic, wonderful, and sometimes wacky stories that are undeniably Indiana. These true tales highlight the variety of Hoosier life—fond recollections of hometowns, legendary anecdotes of the past, Indiana’s unpredictable weather, favorite foods (there’s more than corn!), and chance encounters with unforgettable and infamous people. And, of course, there’s always basketball. Written for anyone who has ever called this great state home, Undeniably Indiana provides the answer to the widespread question, “What is a Hoosier?”

Author Bio

Nelson Price is a journalist, historian, and host of the weekly radio show Hoosier History Live. He is author of Indiana Legends: Famous Hoosiers from Johnny Appleseed to David Letterman; The Quiet Hero: A Life of Ryan White; Indianapolis Then and Now; Legendary Hoosiers; and Indianapolis Leading the Way. Price has won more than 45 national, state, local, and civic awards for his journalism.


"Through many voices telling their very personal stories, we feel the spirit of our common Hoosier experience. It is a warm and affirming read. I feel as if I have had a tour again of our beloved state. Bravo!" —Judy O'Bannon, former first lady of Indiana

"Here are the voices of Hoosiers, in all their whimsy, seriousness, and variety. Memories of tearing down a barn, a whiffle ball championship, a WPA outhouse mix with dozens of others to reflect a sense of place. Newcomers as well as eighth-generation Hoosiers will smile, nod, and contemplate the oft-asked question, 'What's a Hoosier?'" —James H. Madison, author of
Hoosiers: A New History of Indiana

"The quirky storytelling gives "Undeniably" a homespun flavor as the writers ruminate on John Mellencamp's rocking reflections of days "when dancin' meant everything," Theodore Dreiser's "Hoosier Holiday," outhouses, drive-ins and my favorite, the Thorntown gorilla." —Tribune Star

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Table of Contents

Introduction by Nelson Price
1. Who We Are
2. Just Plain Peculiar
3. The Gooood Life
4. Those Magical Younger Years
5. Eatin’ Out
6. First and Only, Biggest and Best
7. Hoops
8. Town and City Delights and Reflections
9. Just Wait till It Changes
10. The World Enriching Our Home
11. The Infamous
12. The Extraordinary Ordinary