Green Living with Chef Daniel Orr
Orr, Daniel
Distribution: World
Publication date: 09/15/2009
Format: Paperback 150 color photos
ISBN: 978-0-253-22103-2
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Silver Medal, Cookbook category, 2010 Independent Publisher Book Awards2009 ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year Award, Gold Medal, Cooking

For renowned chef Daniel Orr, simplicity is beauty. In his latest book, FARMfood, Orr features recipes influenced by his Midwestern roots as well as a culinary career which has spanned the globe. European-style dishes—inspired by his time in France, Belgium, Italy, and other locales—are paired with big city flavors culled from years spent as an executive chef in New York City. Add a dash of Caribbean, Indian, Japanese, or Brazilian flavor and you have yourself a plate of "real food." Orr includes recipes for breakfast, soups, burgers, sandwiches, snacks, appetizers, suppers, and sweets; sections devoted to sauces and seasonings; beverages and FARMpies, his gourmet pizzas. He advocates the use of honest, wholesome ingredients that are locally and sustainably grown, when possible, and offers tips on wild greens, mushrooms, edible flowers, and create-your-own spice blends. Honor yourself, your community, and your table with FARMfood and take simple pleasure in the true essence and flavor of great food.

Author Bio

Daniel Orr is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University and chef/owner of FARMbloomington restaurant. He has worked in France’s most elite restaurants and been executive chef at New York’s famed La Grenouille (earning a 3-star review from The New York Times) and Guastavino’s, as well as the CuisinArt Resort & Spa in Anguilla, British West Indies. He is author of Daniel Orr Real Food: Smart & Simple Meals and Menus for Entertaining, creator of Kitchen D’Orr—a line of spice blends, and host of Earth Eats on NPR affiliate station WFIU.


FARMfood is a stunning array of recipes and photos and great stories that resonate with that wonderful feeling of inspiration. . . . Thumb through these pages and you will get that inspired feeling—and you will cook well.Daniel Orr reminds us that eating is a social, aesthetic, and spiritual act. These pages will make you want to hunt up farmers’ markets, seek out local growers, forage in the countryside for wild edibles, and roll up your sleeves to cook.Daniel has that magical ability to make food sing, dance, laugh, and comfort. A great meal makes us feel that everything is always OK.FARMfood captures the Midwest palette . . . often with an exotic accent.Fly Away How I miss the Island sunrise, It puts a sparkle in my eyes, Even though I fly beyond the blue skies, There's a part of me that's there, Looking out, toward the Southern skies, Reaching out, to touch the moving tide, Passing by, across the bay, Sometimes it seems that I could fly away, fly away. When I wrote that song, I had never met Chef Dan. But after spending the time that have together down on the beach on Anguilla, I think his food sings this song.Chef Daniel Orr gets to the heart and soul of farm fresh cooking. He takes you on a journey through the seasons, bringing the best recipes from his table to yours.These recipes will redefine how America thinks of food. . . . This is Eat, Pray, Love for the kitchen.This is a serious cookbook that effortlessly mixes simple farm recipes with global flavors. . . . It celebrates seasonal and local eating with imagination and style.From a restaurant kitchen to your table, Daniel always brings home the earthly delights of green and real cuisine.By reinterpreting his two decades on the global culinary stage through the lens of his Midwestern roots, Daniel has created an instant, modern American classic. From farm and garden fresh ingredients, to those foraged in the woods, Daniel’s vision of inventive, sophisticated simplicity also reminds us of the incomparable pleasures of bringing together family and friends at the table.Nothing tastes better, or looks better than food which has been nurtured and respected from the farm to the plate. Daniel’s love for nature and his insistence on nothing but the finest ingredients, shine through brilliantly in this book.FARMfood is a book that makes you want to get in the kitchen and cook. Chef Daniel Orr shows great respect for the best ingredients: farm fresh and local, and this book is an homage to a kind of cooking that celebrates the bounty surrounding us.Daniel Orr’s FARMfood is more than a very beautiful book of recipes—it is a reflection of his involvement with fresh, locally produced food. We appreciate his culinary vision and, of course, the wonderful food he makes.Daniel Orr has always been ahead of the curve in creating market-based sensitive and simply delicious food woven of a sophisticated American fabric.

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Table of Contents

Table of contents
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