Oral Roberts

Oral Roberts

An American Life
David Edwin Harrell, Jr.
Distribution: World
Publication date: 9/1/1985
ISBN: 978-0-253-11441-9
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“This book may give you the best opportunity of deciding the truth about me and the ministry I hold so dear.” —Oral Roberts

“Among several biographies of Oral Roberts, the most recent, most accurate, and best documented is Oral Roberts: An American Life, an objective, impressive study . . . ” —New York Review of Books

“Oral Roberts: An American Life is more than the story of a well-known evangelist and educator. It is the story of a part of the American religious life that not many Americans know or understand. . . . Dr. Harrell has researched thoroughly and written superbly.” —Billy Graham

“ . . . a first-rate biography, one which should give pause to Roberts’ supporters and critics alike. . . . Roberts’ first scholarly biographer has done a beautiful job.” —Allen Boyer, Newsday

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Table of Contents


Part One: The Mold, 1918-1947
Prologue: Ada, Oklahoma, July 1935

I. Roots
II. The Mold
III. Evangelist
IV. Pastor

Part Two: Miracles, 1947-1960
Prologue: Australia, January 20-February 10, 1956

V. Healing Revivalism
VI. Ministry
VII. The Price of Glory
VIII. Private Side

Part Three
Prologue: Berlin, October 26-November 4, 1966

IX. Oral Roberts University
X. Beyond the Tent
XI. Mainstream
XII. Private Side

Part Four: Maelstrom, 1975-1985
Prologue: Tulsa and Palm Springs, February 1977

XIII. Maelstrom
XIV. Completing the Healing Vision
XV. Tightening the Family

Part Five: Meanings

XVI. The Message
XVII. The Man
XVIII. The Ministry

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