Religious Giving

Religious Giving

For Love of God
David H. Smith, edited by Edited by David H. Smith
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 04/06/2010
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-22188-9
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Religious Giving considers the connection between religion and giving within the Abrahamic traditions. Each contributor begins with the assumption that there is something inherently right or natural about the connection. But what exactly is it? To whom should we give, how much should we give, what is the relationship between our giving and our relationship to God? Writing for the introspective donor, congregational leader, or student interested in ways of meeting human needs, the authors focus on the philosophical or theological dimensions of giving. The contributors' goal is not to report on institutional practices, but to provide thoughtful, constructive guidance to the reader—informed by a critical understanding of the religious traditions under review.

Author Bio

David H. Smith is Director of the Yale Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics and Emeritus Professor of Religious Studies at Indiana University. Among his books are Entrusted: The Moral Responsibilities of Trusteeship (IUP, 1995), Early Warning (IUP, 1998), and Good Intentions (IUP, 2005).


“Considering the connection between religion and giving within the Abrahamic traditions, the authors focus on the philosophical and theological dimensions of giving, providing thoughtful, constructive guidance to the reader—informed by critical understanding of religious traditions.”

“Each of the essays is insightful and informative on its own merits, and they stand up quite well as a whole. . . . I know of no comparable book with this focus that travels the same ground and offers the same kinds of insights.”
 — William J. Jackson, Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis

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Table of Contents


1. Dispelling Common Beliefs about Giving to Religious Institutions in the United States
Patrick M. Rooney
2. Giving in the Way of God: Muslim Philanthropy in the United States
Shariq Siddiqui
3. Jewish Giving by Doing: Tikkun Ha-Olam
Judith Lynn Failer
4. What Does God Require of Us?
Byron C. Bangert
5. "Freely Give": The Paradox of Obligatory Generosity in Christian Thought
Sondra Wheeler
6. A Catholic Theology of Philanthropy
Edward Vacek, S.J.
7. Religious Discernment of Philanthropic Decisions in the Age of Affluence
Paul G. Schervish
8. Consumer Debt and Christian Money Management: Messages from the Large U.S. Denominations
Paula R. Dempsey
9. Paging Dr. Shylock! Jewish Hospitals and the Prudent Reinvestment of Jewish Philanthropy
Robert A. Katz
10. One Man's Extrapolations: Conclusions after Two Years of Listening
David H. Smith


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