Philosophy, Feminism, and Faith

Philosophy, Feminism, and Faith

Edited by Ruth E Groenhout and Marya Bower
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 02/19/2003
Format: Paperback 1 index
ISBN: 978-0-253-21561-1
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The stories are powerful, sometimes heart-rending, sometimes lyrical, but always deeply personal. And there is some very good philosophizing as part of the bargain." —Merold Westphal

How can the seemingly separate lives of philosopher, feminist, and follower of a religious tradition come together in one person’s life? How does religious commitment affect philosophy or feminism? How does feminism play out in religious or philosophical commitment? Wrestling with answers to these questions, women who balance philosophy, feminism, and faith write about their lives. The voices gathered here from several different traditions—Catholic, Protestant, Quaker, Jewish, and Muslim—represent diverse ethnicities, races, and ages. The challenging and poignant reflections in Philosophy, Feminism, and Faith show how critical thought can successfully mesh with religious faith and social responsibility.

Author Bio

Ruth E. Groenhout teaches in the Department of Philosophy at Calvin College.

Marya Bower is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Earlham College.


“Women who are comfortable with how religion, feminism, and philosophy have triangulated their lives and those who are more troubled by the tensions between traditional religious practice and radical feminist thinking consider how they find meaning and wholeness in their lives. Women from a diverse range of traditions—Catholic, Protestant, Quaker, Jewish, and Muslim—represent diverse ethnicities, races and ages. The powerful voices gathered here illustrate the creative intellectual energy that walking these multiple life paths can generate. ”

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Table of Contents

Preliminary Table of Contents:

Part 1. Setting the Context
1. Judaism and the Love of Reason Martha Nussbaum
2. Feminism, Socialism, and Christianity Revisited Mary B. Mahowald
3. Philosophizing on Saturday: Faith and the Philosophical Life Winifred Wing Han Lamb
4. A Struggle in Progress Jaime Leeser
5. Three Aspects of Identity Sr. Mary Christine Morkovsky
6. Reflections on Identity Jean Bethke Elshtain
Part 2. Tensions and Integrations
7. Yes Marianne Sawicki
8. Into the Crucible: My Art of Living Jacqueline Scott
9. Learning to Question Pat Johnson
10. Shared Marginalization: Negotiating the Identities of Christian, Feminist, and Philosopher Janet Wesselius
11. Care, Agape, and a Feminist Conception of the Self Ruth Groenhout
12. Seduction: Does How You Get to Yes Still Matter? Caroline Simon
13. The Presence of the Past laura Duhan Kaplan
14. Hagar on My Mind Azizah al-Hibri
Part 3. Challenging Traditions
15. A Skeptical Spirituality Nel Noddings
16. Faith, Philosophy, Passions, and Feminism: Dangerous Attractions Irmgard Scherer
17. On Being a Christian Philosopher and Not a Feminist M. Elaine Botha
18. Towards a Visionary Politics: Phenomenology, Psychoanalytic Feminism, and Transcendence Marilyn Nissim-Sabat
19. My Life Speaks Sara Ebenreck