The New Kierkegaard

The New Kierkegaard

Edited by Elsebet Jegstrup
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 03/16/2004
Format: Paperback 1 index
ISBN: 978-0-253-21623-6
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Placing Kierkegaard squarely within the current of contemporary continental philosophy, The New Kierkegaard reveals intriguing insights into the philosopher’s work and thinking. By reading Kierkegaard deconstructively, the 13 lively essays in this volume seek a deeper understanding of his work in philosophy, religion, and aesthetics.

These readings explore the breadth of Kierkegaard’s thought and unfold the richness of his views on the human condition. Consideration of a broad range of themes—from irony and madness to love and experience—and texts—Either/Or, Philosophical Fragments, Works of Love, and Fear and Trembling—emphasizes the ambiguities, dialectical tensions, and open-endedness of Kierkegaard’s philosophical writings. These innovative and original commentaries give Kierkegaard a fresh look and bring him into present-day discussions and debates in continental philosophy.

Contributors are Jacob Bøggild, John D. Caputo, Mark Dooley, Joakim Garff, Robert Gibbs, Elsebet Jegstrup, Richard Kearney, John Llewelyn, Roger Poole, Vanessa Rumble, John Vignaux Smyth, Jason Wirth, and David Wood.

Author Bio

Elsebet Jegstrup is Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at Elon University and formerly Associate Professor of Philosophy at Augusta State University in Augusta, Georgia.

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Table of Contents

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Introduction Elsebet Jegstrup
1. Either/Or, Undecidability and Two Concepts of Irony: Kierkegaard and Derrida John D. Caputo
2. Reading Either/Or For the Very First Time Roger Poole
3. "The aesthetic is above all my element" Joakim Garff
4. A Rose by Any Other Name…Kierkegaardian Ironies Elsebet Jegstrup
5. On the Borderline of Madness John Llewelyn
6. Revocated Trials - On the Indirect Communication in Two of Kierkegaard's Religious Discourses Jacob Bøggild
7. The First Kiss: Tales of Innocence and Experience David Wood
8. I or You - The Dash of Ethics Robert Gibbs
9. Love and Difference: The Christian Ideal in Kierkegaard's Works of Love Vanessa Rumble
10. Art, Eroticism and Sadomasochistic Sacrifice in Søren Kierkegaard and Isac Dinesen John Vignaux Smyth
11. Kierkegaard and Derrida: Between Totality and Infinity Mark Dooley
12. Empty Community: Kierkegaard on Being with You Jason Wirth
13. Kierkegaard on Hamlet - Between Art and Religion Richard Kearney