Teaching Islamic Studies in the Age of ISIS, Islamophobia and the Internet

Teaching Islamic Studies in the Age of ISIS, Islamophobia and the Internet

Edited by Courtney M. Dorroll
Distribution: World
Publication date: 03/01/2019
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-03980-4
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Table of Contents

Foreword: From Khomeini to Trump: A Reflection on Islamic Studies in America / Richard Martin

Introduction / Courtney Dorroll

Part I: Approaches and Theories

1. On Teaching Islam Across Cultures: Virtual Exchange Pedagogy / Courtney Dorroll, Kimberly Hall, Doaa Baumi

2. Questions of Taste: Critical Pedagogy and Aesthetics in Islamic Studies / Manuela Ceballos

3. Training Scholars to Study Non-Scholarly Life / Benjamin Geer

4. Islamic Religious Education and Critical Thought in European Plural Societies / Mouez Khalfaoui

5. Studying Islam and the ambivalence of the concept "religion" / Alfons H. Teipen

6. Paradigm Shifts for Translation and Teaching / William Maynard Hutchins

Part II: Islamophobia, and Islam and Violence

7. Interdisciplinary Education for Teaching Challenging Subjects: The Case of Islam and Violence / Laila Hussein Moustafa

8. The Immanent Imminence of Violence: Comparing Legal Arguments in a Post-9/11 World / Nathan S. French

9. Teaching Islamophobia in the Age of ISIS / Todd Green

Part III: Applications

10. From Medina to the Media: Engaging the Present in Historically-Oriented Undergraduate Courses on Islam / Sabahat F. Adil

11. Muslims Are People; Islam Is Complicated / Kecia Ali

12. The Five Questions about Islam Your Students Didn’t Know They Had: Teaching Islamic Studies to an American Audience / Phil Dorroll

13. Reflective Practice in Online Courses: Making Islamic Studies Interactive and Approachable / Lyndall Herman

14. Teaching Islam and Gender /Shehnaz Haqqani