Cross and Commissar

Cross and Commissar

The Politics of Religion in Eastern Europe and the USSR
Sabrina P. Ramet
Distribution: World
Publication date: 09/22/1987
ISBN: 978-0-253-11481-5
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Anyone trying to understand... the recent history of Eastern Europe (including the Soviet Union) will find this book... extremely useful.... a common sense view of theory and historical study.... a successful product that both enlightens and informs." —American Historical Review

... valuable reading." —Journal of the American Academy of Religion

... welcome and insightful... " —Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

It is an important study that produces a fairly rich bounty of information about political-religious relationships, the tie between the church and state, and the influence of religious beliefs on society." —Slavic Reviww

... deserves intensive attention by scholars... " —Journal of Church and State

The book’s strengths lie in its range, documentation, strongly analytical, and subtly nuanced treatment, consistent awareness of the complexity and dynamism of the various church-state relationships, and its generally judicious blend of theoretical and empirical aspects." —History

Cross and Commissar is a sober, richly documented analysis that is useful and fascinating. It is well written, researched, and organized and fills an unfortunate lacuna in the literature in the area of church-state relations." —The Annals of the American Academy

This monograph is a tour de force... " —Modern Greek Studies Yearbook

Communist regimes take an active stance vis-à-vis religion, framing religious policies with an eye toward broader political objectives. Cross and Commissar provides the first systematic, comparative attempt at applying social-scientific theories to illuminate the nature of church-state interaction and the contemporary religious scene in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

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Table of Contents


Part I. Introduction

1. How Church and State Coexist under Communism
2. The Interplay of Religious Policy and Nationalities Policy

Part II. Individual Countries

3. Social Functions of Religion in the USSR

4. Catholicism and National Culture in Poland, Czechoslovakia,
and Hungary

5. Church and Peace in the German Democratic Republic

6. Factionalism in the Croatian Church-State Relationship

7. Organization Theory and the Bulgarian and Serbian Orthodox

Part III. Current Trends

8. Religious Ferment, 1978-84

9. Protestants and Catholics after Popieluszko

Part IV. Theoretical Considerations

10. Pitfalls in the Study of Church-State Relations

11. Conclusion: Toward a Theory of Church-State Interaction
under European Communism


Selected Bibliography