The Transformation of American Quakerism

The Transformation of American Quakerism

Orthodox Friends, 1800-1907
Hamm, Thomas D.
Distribution: World
Publication date: 04/22/1988
Format: Paperback b&w photo
ISBN: 978-0-253-20718-0
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Winner of the American Society of Church History Brewer Prize

Hamm has simply produced the best book on Quaker history in recent years." —Quaker History

... will stand as one of the most important works in the field." —American Historical Review

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Table of Contents

Foreword by Catherine L. Albanese and Stephen J. Stein

Chapter I
The Quaker Vision of Religious Life, 1800-1860

Chapter II
The Breakdown of the Older Vision, 1800-1850

Chapter III
The Renewal Movement, 1850-1870

Chapter IV
The Revival, 1867-1880

Chapter V
The Realignment of American Quakerism, 1875-1890

Chapter VI
The Quaker Search for Order, 1875-1895\

Chapter VII
The Rise of Modernist Quakerism, 1895-1907

Appendix I
Membership Statistics for Orthodox/Garneyite Friends, 1845-1908

Appendix II
The Evolution of American Quakerism, 1800-1907