Theology and Difference

Theology and Difference

The Wound of Reason
Walter Lowe
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Publication date: 7/1/1993
ISBN: 978-0-253-11392-4
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“ . . . provocative and rewarding . . . ” —Religious Studies Review

“ . . . a tour de force.” —Theological Studies

Theology and Difference reconceives the options confronting modern theology and investigates the disputed questions that underlie it. Pressing beyond the ready-made enlightenment offered by the subject-object framework, Walter Lowe uncovers a number of remarkable convergences between the contemporary philosopher Jacques Derrida and the early twentieth-century theologian Karl Barth.

Author Bio

WALTER LOWE is Professor of Systematic Theology at Emory University and author of Mystery and the Unconscious and Evil and the Unconscious.

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Table of Contents


I. Introduction: Violence and Reason

Pitfalls of Enlightenment
The Dissolving of Difference
The Memory of Suffering
Making Sense of Derrida
Tradition in Question
The Idealist Diamond
The Kantian Opening

II. Qualitative Difference: Barth’s Epistle to the Romans

Qualitative Difference
Memory of God
The Christ Event
An Analogy of Difference?
Theology and Difference: The Argument in Brief

III. Truth and Contextualization: Freud, Husserl, Derrida

Freud and the Logic of Suspicion
Kant and the Issue of Objectivity
Husserl and the Western Discovery of Objectivity
Derida and the Deconstruction of Objectivity
Ricoeur and Theological Hermeneutics
Hermeneutics and the Idealist Diamond
The Deconstructionist Alternative
The Insistnece of the Truth Question

IV. The Kantian Opening

Kant and the Sublation of Theodicy
Ontotheology and the Great Chain of Being
Plenitude and the Otherness of Time
Kant and the New Cosmology
Beyond Ontotheology
Opening the First Critique
The Coram Deo

V. The Otherness of the Ethical
Opening the Second Critique
The Wound of Reason
Imperative as Contextualization
The Return of Theodicy
Rational Existentialism
Cutting the Idealist Diamond

VI. The Ethics of Otherness

The Argument Reviewed
The A/theology of Mark C. Taylor
Barth and the Problem of Ethics
Dialectic and Repentance
Thinking through the Wound

Selected Bibliography