Kant's Philosophy of Religion Reconsidered

Kant's Philosophy of Religion Reconsidered

Philip Rossi and Michael Wreen
Distribution: World
Publication date: 11/22/1991
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 978-0-253-35027-5
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The essays, both philosophical and historical, demonstrate the continuing significance of a neglected aspect of Kant’s thought."—Religious Studies Review

Challenging the traditional view that Kant's account of religion was peripheral to his thinking, these essays demonstrate the centrality of religion to Kant's critical philosophy.

Contributors are Sharon Anderson-Gold, Leslie A. Mulholland, Anthony N. Perovich, Jr., Philip J. Rossi, Joseph Runzo, Denis Savage, Walter Sparn, Burkhard Tuschling, Nicholas P. Wolterstorff, and Allen W. Wood.

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Table of Contents

Editors’ Introduction
A Note on Citations

Kant’s Deism
Allen W. Wood

Kant on Reason and Justified Belief in God
Joseph Runzo

Conundrums in Kant’s Rational Religion
Nicholas P. Wolterstorff

Kant’s Rejection of Divine Revelation and His Theory of Radical Evil
Denis Savage

Freedom and Providence in Kant’s Account of Religion: The Problem of Expiation
Leslie A. Mulholland

Kant’s Doctrine of Atonement as a Theory of Subjectivity
Walter Sparn

God and Community: An Inquiry into the Religious Implications of the Highest Good
Sharon Anderson-Gold

The Final End of All Things: The Highest Good as the Unity of Nature and Freedom
Philip J. Rossi

For reason...also has its mysteries": Immortality, Religion, and "The End of All Things"
Anthony N. Perovich, Jr.

Rationis societas: Remarks on Kant and Hegel
Burkhard Tuschling

The Contributors