Considering Transcendence

Considering Transcendence

Elements of a Philosophical Theology
Martin J. De Nys
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Publication date: 12/08/2008
ISBN: 978-0-253-00263-1
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What does it mean to have a distinctively religious orientation toward reality? Martin J. De Nys offers a philosophy of religion grounded within the phenomenological tradition as a way to understand religious life. Focusing on the key concepts of sacred transcendence, religious discourse, and radical self-transcendence, De Nys contends that a phenomenological view of religion allows considerable diversity in regard to the possibility of religious truth. Phenomenology also helps to account for the dizzying variety of religious expressions and religious lifeways. Ultimately, De Nys reaches a universal and complete method of describing a philosophical approach to religious life. This compelling book plays a valuable role in describing human engagement with religion.

Author Bio

Martin J. De Nys is Associate Professor of Philosophy at George Mason University. He is author of Hegel and Theology.

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Table of Contents

1. Sacred Transcendence
2. Religious Discourse
3. Radical Self-Transcendence
4. The Truth about Religion
5. Religious Truth
6. Pluralism and Religious Truth
7. Aspects of the Conception of God
8. The Theory of Religion and Religious Inquiry