Myth and Cult
Walter F. Otto, translated by Robert Palmer
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 10/22/1995
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-20891-0
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This study of Dionysus... is also a new theogony of Early Greece." —Publishers Weekly

An original analysis... of the spiritual significance of the Greek myth and cult of Dionysus." —Theology Digest

Author Bio

WALTER F. OTTO (1874–1958) was a distinguished philologist and historian of Greek and Roman religion. ROBERT B. PALMER (1919–1977) was Professor of Classical Languages and Literatures at Scripps College. He was translator and editor of Karl Strecker"s Introduction to Medieval Latin and author of numerous scholarly essays. He was also a contributor to the New Catholic Encyclopedia.


““This study of Dionysus . . . is also a new theogony of Early Greece.” —Publishers Weekly “An original analysis . . . of the spiritual significance of the Greek myth and cult of Dionysus.” —Theology Digest”

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Table of Contents

Introduction, by Robert B. Palmer
Foreword, by Walter F. Otto
I. Myth and Cultus
II. Dionysus
1. Preface
2. The Birthplace of the Cult of Dionysus
3. The Son of Zeus and Semele
4. The Myths of His Epiphany
5. The God Who Comes
6. The Symbol of the Mask
7. Pandemonium and Silence
8. The World Bewitched
9. The Somber Madness
10. Modern Theories
11. The Mad God
12. The Vine
13. Dionysus Revealed in Vegative Nature
14. Dionysus and the Element of Nature
15. Dionysus and the Women
16. Ariadne
17. The Fate of Dionysus
18. Dionysus and Apollo
19. Concluding Remarks on Tragedy