Market Imaginary

Market Imaginary

Joanna Grabski
Distribution: World
Publication date: 11/22/2013
Format: DVD
ISBN: 978-0-253-01396-5
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Dakar's famous Colobane market is characterized by the saying, "You can find anything in the world at Colobane Market." This DVD explores the market in relation to its neighborhood, the city, and the human imagination. The objects populating the stalls—used clothing, shoes, watches, radios, and cell phones—oblige the eye and the imagination, inviting visitors to speculate about the networks and histories that have brought these people and these objects together in this place. A 53-minute film, Market Imaginary explores an alternative world of commerce and the possibilities it offers for the transformation of secondhand goods.

Author Bio

Joanna Grabski is Director of the School of Art at Arizona State University. She is editor (with Carol Magee) of African Art, Interviews, Narratives: Bodies of Knowledge at Work.


“Significant intellectually and compelling visually. The film will be of potential interest beyond African studies to those who are interested in urban life, social practices, and the relation of urban markets to the global economy in other parts of the world.”
 — Mamadou Diouf, Columbia University

“Provides keen insights into the aesthetics and history of a major market in Dakar. Its innovative analysis make an excellent contribution to the anthropological study of markets and market dynamics, the arts in daily life, and to African studies in general. I am not aware of any other film that provides such a unique perspective.”
 — Maria Grosz-Ngaté, Indiana University, Bloomington

“Captures the dynamic quality of life in a great African city as people prove their entrepreneurial genius without ever losing sight of collective goals and shows contexts of contemporary African life through the eyes and voices of Africans themselves. It is their imaginary that is presented here.”
 — Allen F. Roberts, University of California, Los Angeles

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