Missionaries of Science

Missionaries of Science

The Rockefeller Foundation and Latin America
Edited by Marcos Cueto
Distribution: World
Publication date: 6/1/1994
ISBN: 978-0-253-11307-8
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"A fascinating and important subject. [This book] is a first and has the potential of having a real directive force on a growing field of scholarly and public interest." —Robert E. Kohler, author of Partners in Science: Foundation Managers and Natural Scientists, 1900-1945

The Rockefeller Foundation's involvement with science, medicine, and agriculture in Latin America began with a regional survey in the 1920s and blossomed into full-fledged programs to fight yellow fever and other diseases, improve public health, encourage agricultural reform, and promote scientific education. These essays examine the Foundation's work in the region, its reception by local governments, and its legacy. The contributors are Marcos Cueto, Steven Williams, Armando Solorzano, Deborah Fitzgerald, Joseph Cotter, and Thomas F. Glick.

Author Bio

MARCOS CUETO is a researcher at the Instituto de Estudios Persuanos in Lima. His articles on Latin American science have been published in Isis, The Bulletin of the History of Medicine, The Hispanic American Historical Review, and other journals.


"Missionaries of Science is a valuable addition to the scholarship on science and imperialism and, particularly, the history of science in Latin America. Many of the questions raised in this book—the interplay of science and development, the role of outside agencies in national policy-making, and cultural differences in scientific organization, values, and practices—remain relevant today." —Bulletin of the History of Medicine

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Table of Contents


1. Visions of Science and Development: The Rockefeller Foundation’s Latin American Surveys of the 1920s
Marcos Cueto
2. Nationalism and Public Health: The Convergence of Rockefeller Foundation Technique and Brazilain Federal Authority during the Time of Yellow Fever, 1925-1930
Steven C. Williams
3. The Rockefeller Foudnation in Revolutionary Mexico: Yellow Fever in Yucatan and Veracruz
Armando Solorzano
4. Exporting American Agriculture: The Rockefeller Foundation in Mexico, 1943-1953
Deborah Fitzgerald
5. The Rockefeller Foundation’s Mexican Agricultural Project: A Cross-Cultural Encounter, 1943-1949
Joseph Cotter
6. The Rockefeller Foudation’s Medical Policy and Scientific Research in Latin America: The Case of Physiology
Marcos Cueto
7. Th Rockefeller Foundation and the Emergence of Genetics in Brazil, 1943-1960
Thomas F. Glick