Rockefeller Philanthropy and Modern Biomedicine

Rockefeller Philanthropy and Modern Biomedicine

International Initiatives from World War I to the Cold War
Edited by William H. Schneider
Distribution: World
Publication date: 10/31/2002
ISBN: 978-0-253-10960-6
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The eight case studies in this edited volume show in detail how the Rockefeller Foundation’s gifts affected medical research, education, and public health in Europe, the Soviet Union, and China between World War I and the Cold War. Despite the Foundation’s goal to help countries with established medical research programs, major advances were achieved in several countries that did not have a notable history in medical research. In other circumstances, however, the Rockefeller Foundation was confronted with local cultural and political imperatives that reshaped or weakened its objectives. Rockefeller Philanthropy and Modern Biomedicine offers important lessons regarding the situations in which international philanthropy is likely to be most effective.

Author Bio

William H. Schneider is Professor of History and the Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Programs at Indiana University and Purdue University, Indianapolis. Prof. Schneider's research interests cover French and African history, as well as the history of science and medicine. A former Fulbright scholar, Prof. Schneider is the author of An Empire for the Masses: The French Popular Image of Africa, 1870-1900 and Quality and Quantity: The Quest for Biological Regeneration in 20th Century France. He has also published articles in the Journal of Modern History and French Historical Studies.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. The Men Who Followed Flexner: Richard Pearce, Alan Gregg and the Rockefeller Foundation Medical Divisions,1919?1951
William H. Schneider
Chapter 3. Irish Medicine's Appeal to Rockefeller
J.B. Lyons
Chapter 4. Make a Peak on the Plain: The Rockefeller Foundation's Szeged Project
Gabor Pallo
Chapter 5. From the Art of Medicine to Biomedical Science in France: Modernization or Americanization?
Jean?François Picard and William H. Schneider
Chapter 6. Passing through the Eye of the Needle: American Philanthropy and Soviet Medical Research in the 1920s
Margaret A. Trott
Chapter 7. The Peking Union Medical College and the Rockefeller Foundation's Medical Programs In China
Qiusha Ma
"Chapter 8. A Central Periphery : the Naples Zoological Station as an "Attractor"
Giuliana Gemelli
Chapter 9. "'Out of the Ghetto": The Rockefeller Foundation Confronts German Medical Sciences after the Second World War
Paul Weindling
Chapter 10. The Nuffield Foundation and Medical Genetics in the U.K.
Doris T. Zallen