Western Ideas of Philanthropy
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Publication date: 11/22/1996
Format: Hardback 5 b&w photos, 6 figures
ISBN: 978-0-253-33072-7
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What ways do we have for understanding charity and philanthropy? How do we come to think in these ways? In this volume, historians of antiquity, the middle ages, early modern thought, and the Victorian era discuss the evolution of thinking about and practicing voluntary giving, taking up some inescapable questions about charity.

Author Bio

J. B. SCHNEEWIND is Professor of Philosophy at Johns Hopkins University. He is author of Sidgwick’s Ethics and Victorian Moral Philosophy, and is completing a study of the history of moral philosophy during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

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Table of Contents

Introduction by Robert L. Payton
1. Philanthropy as a Virtue in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages-Scott Davis
2. Contexts of Charity in the Middle Ages: Religious, Social, and Civic-Susanne Roberts
3. Philosophical Ideas of Charity: Some Historical Reflections-J. B. Schneewind
4. The Philanthropic Perspective after a Hundred Years-Alan Ryan
5. Charity, Justice, and the Idea of a Moral Progress-Allen Buchanan
6. Losses and Gains-Mary Douglas
7. Motivation, Cognition, and Charitable Giving-Robert Frank
8. Philanthropy in the African-American Experience-Adrienne Lash Jones
9. "Human Communion" or a Free Lunch: School Dinners in Victorian and Edwardian London-Ellen Ross
10. Compromising to Achieve: Choices in International Charity-Alex Rondos