Arafat, First American Edition

Arafat, First American Edition

A Political Biography
Distribution: Canada Japan Mexico Philippines Puerto Rico United States of America
Publication date: 03/22/1989
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-20516-2
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This will be the definitive biography of Yasser Arafat for many years." —Rashid Khalidi

Alan Hart has written the best informed, most detailed account of Arafat that I have seen." —Michael C. Hudson

I have written the book as a good and true friend of the Palestinians and the Jews. Together in peace and partnership the two peoples, who come from the same melting pot, could change and develop the region for the better and, by doing so, give hope and inspiration to the whole world." —Alan Hart, from the Introduction

There is much important material here on the Palestinians, the PLO, political machinations, strong beliefs... Very informed... Hart has done a service in creating this vivid picture." —The Book Reader

This is, however, more than a sympathetic, semi-authorized biography. It constitutes a detailed running history of the PLO and the course of inter-Arab relations and the Arab-Israeli conflict from the mid-1960s to the present.... it has inestimable value in telling how Arafat and his colleagues saw [these events]... " —Foreign Affairs

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Table of Contents


The Man and His Cause

1 The Man
2 The Cause

The Underground Years

3 ‘Touched by Treachery’
4 The Student Leader
5 No Go with Nasser
6 A Candle in the Darkness
7 The Question of Leadership
8 The Decision to Fight

The Struggle

9 The Rebel Leader
10 From Prison to Prison
11 Playing with Fire
12 The ‘Popular War of Liberation’
13 A Taste of Victory
14 The Dawn of Reality
15 Conspiracy Everywhere and Catastrophe in Jordan
16 The Terror Weapon
17 The Olive Branch
18 Showdown in the Lebanon
19 Confrontation with Assad, Partnership with Hussein
20 The ‘Last Chance’ - Going or Gone?
21 Uprising in the Occupied Territories

Last Thoughts

List of Palestinian Leaders and Organizations