Never A Dull Moment

Never A Dull Moment

Memoirs of A Portsmouth Woman
Gladys Howard
Distribution: Canada, Mexico, United States of America and USA and its dependencies
Publication date: 04/30/2019
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-911273-64-6
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A police pioneer and later Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Gladys Howard spent most of her life in dedicated public service. Her posthumously-published memoirs paint a picture of a woman succeeding in an age before equal rights and opportunities had become established. Gladys always lived in the city of Portsmouth, and she describes growing up in Portsea before moving on to the Blitz years, dodging flying lumps of molten shrapnel. Joining Portsmouth City Police in 1947, Gladys went on to became the City's first woman police sergeant and inspector. A remarkable woman, she later became Lord Mayor of Portsmouth. This book, with an introduction and notes by Hampshire police historian Dr Clifford Williams, is full of interest for those who want to know more about Portsmouth, women policing and civic duty. An equal share of profits will be donated to The Gurney Fund, which exists to provide support relating to education and development for the children of police officers, from subscribing forces, where a parent has died or retired on ill health grounds.

Author Bio

A pioneering Portsmouth policewoman, Gladys Howard lived a full and remarkable life. In 1947 she applied to join Portsmouth City Police and was the first post-war woman to be accepted. She gained promotion to sergeant in 1952, and in 1963 became the first woman inspector in the force. When Gladys was forced to retire from policing in 1976 because of her age, she cried when she went to hand in her uniform. But on that day her local City Councillor suddenly died and she was asked to stand in the by-election to elect a new councillor. Gladys agreed, going on to serve thirteen years on the City Council and becoming Lord Mayor in 1989. She lived to celebrate her 100th birthday in 2017.

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