A Sign Is Just a Sign

Thomas A. Sebeok
Distribution: World
Publication date: 8/1/1991
ISBN: 978-0-253-11528-7
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“Because the book's new and exciting ideas about communication stretch the mind, it offers a stimulating and satisfying mental aerobics workout.” —Journal of Marketing

No one has done more to advance semiotics, the study of signs, than Thomas A. Sebeok. In countless books and articles, he has written in a fascinating and erudite manner about almost every conceivable type of sign activity. This volume gathers some of his most accessible essays, all dealing with fundamental problems of contemporary semiotics, or what Locke and Peirce, following medieval tradition, called the Doctrine of Signs.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1. The Doctrine of Signs

Chapter 2. Communication

Chapter 3. The Semiotic Self

Chapter 4. The Semiotic Self Revisited

Chapter 5. In What Sense Is Language a “Primary Modeling System”?

Chapter 6. Linguistics and Semiotics

Chapter 7. Toward a Natural History of Language

Chapter 8. The Evolution of Semiosis

Chapter 9. Semiosis and Semiotics: What Lies in Their Future?

Chapter 10. “Animal” in Biological and Semiotic Perspective

Chapter 11. Clever Hans Redivivus

Chapter 12. Fetish

Chapter 13. Indexicality

Chapter 14. Messages in the Marketplace

Chapter 15. The Sign Science and the Life Science

Index of Names