Semiotics of Visual Language

Semiotics of Visual Language

Fernande Saint-Martin
Distribution: World
Publication date: 10/22/1990
Format: Hardback 37 illus.
ISBN: 978-0-253-35057-2
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... the details of Saint-Martin’s argument contain a wealth of penetrating observations from which anyone with a serious interest in visual communication will profit." —Journal of Communication

Saint-Martin elucidates a syntax of visual language that sheds new light on nonverbal language as a form of representation and communication. She describes the evolution of this language in the visual arts as well as its multiple uses in contemporary media. The result is a completely new approach for scholars and practitioners of the visual arts eager to decode the many forms of visual communication.

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Table of Contents



One The Basic Elements of Visual Language
Two The Visual Variables
Three Syntax of Visual Language
Four The Pictorial Basic Plane
Five Effects of Distance and Perspectives
Six The Grammar of Sculpture
Seven Semiotical Analysis

Appendix I
Appendix II
Appendix III
Appendix IV