An Introductory Anthology
Distribution: World
Publication date: 06/22/1985
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-20344-1
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... fifteen texts which are essential reading for anyone interested in semiotics... This collection will surely become a standard text for those who teach semiotics, aesthetics or philosophy of language." —International Philosophical Quarterly

This volume presents the classic statements in semiotics and touches on a vast set of problems and themes—philosophical, aesthetic, literary, cultural, biological, and anthropological.

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Table of Contents

Robert E. Innis

Charles S. Peirce
Logic as Semiotic: The Theory of Signs

Ferdinand De Saussaure
The Linguistic Sign

V.N. Volosinov
Verbal Interaction

Karl Buhler
The Key Principle: The Sign-Character of Language

Susanne K. Langer
Discursive and Presentational Forms

Claude Levi-Strauss
Structural Analysis in Linguisits and in Anthropology

Gregory Bateson
A Theory of Play and Fantasy

Roman Jakobson
Closing Statement: Linguistics and Poetics

Charles Morris
Signs and the Act

Roland Barthes
Rhetoric of the Image

Meyer Schapiro
On Some Problems in the Semiotics of the Visual Arts: Field and Vehicle in Image-Signs

Emile Benveniste
The Semiology of Language

Umberto Eco
The Semantics of Metaphor

Rene Thom
From the Icon to the Symbol

Thomas A. Sebeok
Zoosemiotic Components of Human Communication

Index of Names

Index of Subjects