Generations and Globalization

Generations and Globalization

Youth, Age, and Family in the New World Economy
Distribution: World
Publication date: 11/08/2006
Format: Paperback 10 b&w photos
ISBN: 978-0-253-21870-4
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This volume illuminates how families and the communities in which they are enmeshed negotiate everyday lives with the social, cultural, economic, and political resources available to them. It provides an excellent example of how anthropology matters to our understanding of the contemporary world and its global restructuring." —Karen Tranberg Hansen, Northwestern University

Globalization is not only a large-scale phenomenon: it is also inextricably bound up with intimate aspects of personhood, care, and the daily decisions through which we make our lives. Looking at sub-Saharan Africa, Madagascar, Mexico, the U.S., Europe, India, and China, Generations and Globalization investigates the impact of globalization in the context of families, age groups, and intergenerational relations. The contributors offer an innovative approach that focuses on the changing dynamics between generations, rather than treating changes in childhood, youth, or old age as discrete categories. They argue that new economies and global flows do not just transform contemporary family life, but are in important ways shaped and constituted by it.

Contributors are Jennifer Cole, Deborah Durham, Jessica Greenberg, Sarah Lamb, Julie Livingston, Roger Magazine, Andrea Muehlebach, Martha Areli Ramírez Sánchez, and T. E. Woronov.

Author Bio

Jennifer Cole is Associate Professor of Comparative Human Development at the University of Chicago.

Deborah Durham is Associate Professor of Anthropology at Sweet Briar College.

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Table of Contents


Introduction: Age, Regeneration, and the Intimate Politics of Globalization Jennifer Cole and Deborah Durham
1. Chinese Children, American Education: Globalizing Child Rearing in Contemporary China T. E. Woronov
2. Continuity and Change in San Pedro Tlalcuapan, Mexico: Childhood, Social Reproduction, and Transnational Migration Roger Magazine and Martha Areli Ramírez Sánchez
3. Fresh Contact in Tamatave, Madagascar: Sex, Money, and Intergenerational Transformation Jennifer Cole
4. Empowering Youth: Making Youth Citizens in Botswana Deborah Durham
5. Aging across Worlds: Modern Seniors in an Indian Diaspora Sarah Lamb
6. Maintaining Local Dependencies: Elderly Women and Global Rehabilitation Agendas in Southeastern Botswana Julie Livingston
7. The Old World and Its New Economy: Notes on the "Third Age" in Western Europe Today Jessica Greenberg and Andrea Muehlebach

List of Contributors