Looking Good and Doing Good

Looking Good and Doing Good

Corporate Philanthropy and Corporate Power
Jerome L. Himmelstein
Distribution: World
Publication date: 05/22/1997
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-21103-3
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Highly recommended!" —New Directions in Philanthropy
"... clearly written, well-structured, and amply documented... Himmelstein’s study vividly portrays the complicated, contradictory relationship of corporate philanthropy to the corporation..." —Choice
"... this interesting and thought-provoking book should prove valuable to those interested in corporate philanthropy, as well as to those interested in the general position and power of business in American society" —Organizations
"... a discerning and nuanced historically-informed and ethically-framed sociological portrayal of the culture of corporate philanthropy. Elegantly conceived, gracefully written, and pertinent to the concerns of both scholars and practitioners... essential reading for anyone seriously interested in the public role of business in our turbulent times." —ARNOVA News
"... a fascinating account of the action behind the scenes in corporate giving." —Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly
Although American corporations give away several billion dollars a year to a range of philanthropic causes, this practice has come under fire recently, especially from the Right, because of grants to Planned Parenthood and other "liberal" public policy groups. Looking Good and Doing Good examines why corporate philanthropy has become politicized, how corporations respond to controversy, and what the conflicts tell us about corporate philanthropy and corporate politics.

Author Bio

Jerome L. Himmelstein is Professor of Sociology at Amherst College. His publications include To the Right: The Transformation of American Conservatism and The Strange Career of Marihuana: The Politics and Ideology of Drug Control in America.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction: Hanging Up on Planned Parenthood
2. The Making of Corporate Philanthropy
3. "A Wonderful Job": The Workaday Worldview of Corporate Philanthropy
4. "The Struggle between Looking Good and Doing Good": The Dilemmas of Corporate
5. Corporate Philanthropy under Fire I: Planned Parenthood
6. Corporate Philanthropy under Fire II: The Capital Research Center
7. Corporate Philanthropy and Corporate Politics
8. Conclusion: An Economic Act with Social and Political Dimensions