Destroying Young Lives
Distribution: World
Publication date: 12/21/2017
Format: Paperback 21 b&w illus.
ISBN: 978-0-253-03004-7
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For decades, hazing rituals–such as excessive drinking, drug use, paddling, and sexual abuse–have been required by many teams and organizations as a rite of passage, while administration and department heads have turned a blind eye. In recent years, several young men and women have lost their live from hazing-related practices in Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, California, Louisiana, Virginia, and Massachusetts. But these practices and rituals are no longer linked just to large organizations and schools. Secondary schools are also seeing an increase in hazing lawsuits due to sexual and alcohol abuse conducted by sports teams. In Hazing: Destroying Young Lives, anti-hazing journalist Hank Nuwer assembles an extraordinary cast of experts to critique the evolution of this dangerous practice, from the first fraternity hazing death at Cornell University in 1873 to present-day tragedies. This hard-hitting compilation addresses the numerous, significant, and often overlooked impacts hazing, including sexual exploitation, mental distress, depression, and even suicide.

Hazing: Destroying Young Lives is a compelling look at how universities, the military, and other social groups can learn from past mistakes and protect their members going forward.

Author Bio

Hank Nuwer is author of five books on hazing, including The Hazing Reader and Wrongs of Passage. He was a founding member of HazingPrevention.Org, an advocate for creating hazing awareness. As an investigative reporter, Nuwer has been reporting on hazing incidents since 1978. He has residences in Indiana, Alaska, and Poland. He is married to Malgorzata Wroblewska and is a professor of journalism at Franklin College.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: The Perils of Hazing / Hank Nuwer
1. Dead to Rites: The Chlorine Poisoning of Henrietta Jackson / Hank Nuwer
2. Hazing in Fraternities and Sororities: A Primer / Hank Nuwer
3. A Need for Transparency: Parents, Students Must Make Informed Decisions About Greek Life Risks / Douglas Fierberg and Chloe Neely
4. Shame: The Hidden Harm of Hazing for Victims and Hazers / Tracy Maxwell
5. Sexual Hazing: A Wrongful Passage / Norm Pollard
6. Ill Met by Moonlight: The First Fraternity Hazing Death / Hank Nuwer
7. Eliminating Band Hazing: What Must Be Done / Malinda Matney
8. Hazing and Gender: Lenses for Prevention / Elizabeth J. Allan and Morgan B. Kinney
9. Listening to the Voices of the Hazed: An Examination of Race, Violence, and Black Fraternity Membership / Ashley Stone
10. Unspoken Sisterhood: Women in African American Sororities and Their Physical and Mental Ordeals--"Weeding the Good from the Bad" / Gina Lee-Olukoya
11. Sexually Exploitive Athletic Hazing and Title IX in the Public School Locker Room / Susan P. Stuart
12. A Mother’s Story: I Lost My Child to Fraternity Hazing / Debbie Smith with Stacey Kennelly
13. How Alfred University Ended the Greek System to Become a Hazing Research Institution / Norm Pollard
14. How Schools May Have Facilitated and Operationalized Hazing: An Interview with Peter F. Lake Author of The Rights and Responsibilities of the Modern University/ Hank Nuwer
15. A Fraternity Model: AddressingCampus Alcohol Misuse and Abuse / Edward G. Whippleand Robert A. Biggs
16. A Realistic Approach to Public Relations for Fraternities in Crisis / Ray Begovich
17. A Sorority Hazing Hero Incurs the Wrath of Alums / Sarah Wild
18. How Reforms and Reformers Played a Role in Changing a Hazing Culture / Allison Swick-Duttine
19. Hazing Hides in Plain Sight: An Open Letter to Hazers from a Nationally Known Speaker / David Westol
20. Hazing and University Ethics: The Need for Faculty I