Transformations of Patriarchy in the West, 1500-1900

Transformations of Patriarchy in the West, 1500-1900

Pavla Miller
Distribution: World
Publication date: 12/22/1998
ISBN: 978-0-253-11511-9
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In this major contribution to European social history, Miller has succeeded in doing to history what Richard Wagner did to music—weaving together powerful motifs with dramatic results." —Choice

[Miller’s book] wrestles with issues as basic as the historical construction of the Western personality and its connections with how Western societies have organized the state, the economy, the family, and intimate everyday life." —MaryJo Maynes

This wide-ranging study of familial, political, and economic change in the West between the sixteenth and the nineteenth centuries is organized around the two themes of the fall of a patriarchalist social order and the reformist movement to instill self-mastery into subject populations—and how those societal shifts transformed state school systems.

Author Bio

PAVLA MILLER is a senior lecturer in the School of Social Science and Planning at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia and author of Long Division: State Schooling in South Australian Society.

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Table of Contents

1. The Consolidation of Patriarchalism in Early Modern Europe
2. Patriarchalism Challenged
3. Revolutions
4. State Formation, Personality Structure and the Civilising Process
5. Worlds of Social Control: Civilising the Masterless Poor
6. Assembling School Systems
7. Social Movements, Individual Agency and the School
8. The Reconstruction of Private Life
Selected Bibliography