The Magazine Article
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The Magazine Article

How to Think It, Plan It, Write It
Peter P. Jacobi
Distribution: World
Publication date: 2/1/1997
Format: paper 256 pages
6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-253-21111-8
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“. . . this is surely one of the more thoughtful books on magazine journalism. Highly recommended.” —Library Journal

“An excellent how-to, guaranteed to satisfy requests from would-be authors.” —Booklist

“. . . provides writers with hundreds of ideas to help stimulate their creative approach to magazine article writing.” —WRITERS’ Journal

“All kinds of writers will want to keep this volume on their handiest reference shelf.” —Arts Indiana

“For any aspiring magazine writer, or even a practiced one, this book is a treasury of inspiration and solid, eye-opening instruction.” —Herald-Times

“More than just another writer’s guide to marketing an article, or coming up with salable ideas, [the book] is actually an idea promoter in that it illustrates the basic principles of good magazine article writing, uses examples from well-known publications, and offers strategies for leading into an involving piece.” —The Midwest Book Review

In this indispensable text, veteran journalist Peter Jacobi offers students hundreds of ideas to help them become more creative in their approach to thinking, planning, and writing magazine articles. Packed with useful advice and top-notch examples, this book takes a practical, hands-on approach to help beginning writers turn everyday subjects into compelling features.

Author Bio

Peter P. Jacobi is Professor of Journalism at Indiana University. He is a consultant for magazines, a specialist in speech coaching and media training, and author of several books, including Writing with Style: The News Story and the Feature and The Messiah Book: The Life and Times of G. F. Handel’s Greatest Hit.

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Table of Contents

A Prefatory Note
1. The Motivation—The Obligation
2. Where Ideas Come From
3. Matter and Manner Count, But First Think Focus
4. Information Gathering
5. Structure, the Blueprint of an Article
6. The Writing Begins
7. Leads and Endings
8. Narration and Description—Humanization and Visualization
9. Exposition, the Meat of Most Articles—Making It Tasty and Digestible
10. Additional Techniques—Compression and Fictionalization
11. Behind Some Words, Essential Concepts Throb—How to Add Thrust and Depth to

Your Work
12. A Couple of Case Studies
13. In Expansion—The Essay and Other Hybrids
14. Some Concluding Remarks—Providing Those Finishing Touches