Managing the Commons

Managing the Commons

Second Edition
Edited by John A. Baden and Douglas S. Noonan
Foreword by William D. Ruckelshaus
Distribution: World
Publication date: 4/1/1998
Format: paper 264 pages, 17 figures
6.125 x 9.25
ISBN: 978-0-253-21153-8
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" . . . an impressive collection of essays that provide a wide-ranging look at the question of how best to manage our common-pool resources. . . . a thought-provoking read . . . " —The Journal of Environmental Education

This is a new edition of a pioneering work on the origins, developments, and recent innovations in the debate on managing commonly-owned lands and resources. It includes both new and updated essays which focus on alternate institutional approaches to managing these resources to prevent environmental tragedy.
A William Siffin Memorial Book

Author Bio

John A. Baden is Chairman of the Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment (FREE) and the Gallatin Institute. He was co-contributing editor of the first edition of Managing the Commons with Garrett Hardin. He is also contributimh editor of Environmental Gore and writes a syndicated column for the Seattle Times.

DOUGLAS S. NOONAN is Research Assistant at the Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment (FREE) and the Gallatin Institute. He is a graduate of the University of Washington’s Jackson School of International Studies.

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Table of Contents

Foreword: Putting the Commons First

Managing Commons and Community: Pacific Northwest People, Salmon, Rivers, and Sea

(William D. Ruckelshaus)
Classic Tragedy of the Commons

The Tragedy of the Commons (Garrett Hardin)

The Economic Theory of a Common-Property Resource: The Fishery (H. Scott Gordon)

Group Size and Group Behavior (Mancur Olson, Jr.)

A New Primer for the Management of Common-Pool Resources and Public Goods (John A. Baden)
Developing Theories of the Commons

Environmental Resource Management: Public or Private? (Robert L. Bish)

The Tragedy of the Commons: Twenty-Two Years Later (David Feeny, Fikret Berkes, Bonnie L. McCay, James M. Acheson)

Reflections on the Commons (Elinor Ostrom)
Organizing the Commons

From Free Grass to Fences: Transforming the Commons of the American West (Terry L. Anderson and P. J. Hill)

Communitarianism and the Logic of the Commons (John A. Baden)

A Community Corporation Approach to Management of Marine Fisheries: With Some Potential Applications to Hawaii (Samuel G. Pooley and Ralph E. Townsend)

International Fisheries Management Institutions: Europe and the South Pacific (Douglas S. Noonan)
Problematic Conceptions of the Commons: Alternative Perspectives Dealing with Problematic Commons:

The Viewshed (Randal O'Toole)

Internet Decentralization, Feedback, and Self-Organization (Douglas S. Noonan)

Environmental Versus Political Pollution (Dwight R. Lee)

The Federal Treasury as a Common Pool Resource: The Predatory Bureaucracy as a Management Tool (John A. Baden and Douglas S. Noonan)

Living on a Lifeboat (Garrett Hardin)

Clear Thinking About the Earth (Lynn Scarlett)