Camera Politica

Camera Politica

The Politics and Ideology of Contemporary Hollywood Film
Michael Ryan and Douglas Kellner
Distribution: World
Publication date: 06/22/1988
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-20604-6
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… a modern mythography, a study of contemporary Hollywood films based on the tools offered by feminism, psychoanalysis, Marxist cultural theory, and deconstruction." —Village Voice

Solidly thought-out observation of the films of the 70's and 80's that comment on the system." —Audience

... intelligent, open advocacy. Its responsible arrangement of carefully described cultural materials will challenge students and instructors alike." —Teaching Philosophy

Camera Politica is a comprehensive study of Hollywood film during a period of tremendous change in American history, a period that witnessed the end of the American empire, crises in the economy, a failure of political leadership, loss at war, and the rise of the Right.

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Table of Contents



1 From Counterculture to Counterrevolution, 1967-1971

1. Alienation and Rebellion
2. Feminism, Black Radicalism, Student Rebellion
3. The Hollywood Counterrevolution

2 Crisis Films

1. Diaster Films
2. Metaphors of Fear
3. Francis Coppola and the Crisis of Patriarchy

3 Genre Transformations and the Failure of Liberalism

1. Western, Detective, Musical
2. Social Problem Films
3. Conspiracy Films

4 Class, Race, and the New South

1. The Hollywood Working Class
2. Representations of Blacks
3. The New South

5 The Politics of Sexuality

1. The Poisiton of Women
2. From a Male Point of View: Men’s Movies and the Return of Romance
3. The Family and the New Sexuality

6 Horror Films

1. The Occult
2. Monsters
3. Brian De Palma and the Slash and Gash Cycles

7 Vietnam and the New Militarism

1. Debating Vietman
2. The Military Rehabilited
3. The New Militarism

8 Return of the Hero: Entrepreneur, Patriarch, Warrior

1. The Triumph of Individualism—From Man to Superman
2. George Lucas’s Strategic Defense Initiatives
3. The Leadership Principle—From Movie Brats to Movie Moguls

9 Fantasy Films

1. Technophobia
2. Dystopias
3. At Home with Steven Spielberg

10 The Politics of Representation

1. On the Left Edge of Hollywood
2. Within the Hollywood Codes: Political Films
3. Beyond Hollywood: The Independent Sector

Conclusion: Film and Politics

Selected Bibliography