Camera Politica

Camera Politica

The Politics and Ideology of Contemporary Hollywood Film
Michael Ryan and Douglas Kellner
Distribution: World
Publication date: 6/1/1988
Format: paper 352 pages
6 x 9.25 x 1.2
ISBN: 978-0-253-20604-6
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" … a modern mythography, a study of contemporary Hollywood films based on the tools offered by feminism, psychoanalysis, Marxist cultural theory, and deconstruction." —Village Voice

"Solidly thought-out observation of the films of the 70's and 80's that comment on the system." —Audience

" . . . intelligent, open advocacy. Its responsible arrangement of carefully described cultural materials will challenge students and instructors alike." —Teaching Philosophy

Camera Politica is a comprehensive study of Hollywood film during a period of tremendous change in American history, a period that witnessed the end of the American empire, crises in the economy, a failure of political leadership, loss at war, and the rise of the Right.

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Table of Contents



1 From Counterculture to Counterrevolution, 1967-1971

1. Alienation and Rebellion
2. Feminism, Black Radicalism, Student Rebellion
3. The Hollywood Counterrevolution

2 Crisis Films

1. Diaster Films
2. Metaphors of Fear
3. Francis Coppola and the Crisis of Patriarchy

3 Genre Transformations and the Failure of Liberalism

1. Western, Detective, Musical
2. Social Problem Films
3. Conspiracy Films

4 Class, Race, and the New South

1. The Hollywood Working Class
2. Representations of Blacks
3. The New South

5 The Politics of Sexuality

1. The Poisiton of Women
2. From a Male Point of View: Men’s Movies and the Return of Romance
3. The Family and the New Sexuality

6 Horror Films

1. The Occult
2. Monsters
3. Brian De Palma and the Slash and Gash Cycles

7 Vietnam and the New Militarism

1. Debating Vietman
2. The Military Rehabilited
3. The New Militarism

8 Return of the Hero: Entrepreneur, Patriarch, Warrior

1. The Triumph of Individualism—From Man to Superman
2. George Lucas’s Strategic Defense Initiatives
3. The Leadership Principle—From Movie Brats to Movie Moguls

9 Fantasy Films

1. Technophobia
2. Dystopias
3. At Home with Steven Spielberg

10 The Politics of Representation

1. On the Left Edge of Hollywood
2. Within the Hollywood Codes: Political Films
3. Beyond Hollywood: The Independent Sector

Conclusion: Film and Politics

Selected Bibliography