Animated Worlds

Animated Worlds

Edited by Suzanne Buchan
Distribution: World
Publication date: 1/29/2007
Format: paper 222 pages, 50 b&w illus.
6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-86196-661-5
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What do we mean by the term “animation” when we are discussing film? Is it a technique? A style? A way of seeing or experiencing “a world” that has little relation to our own lived experience of “the world”? In Animated Worlds, contributors reveal the astonishing variety of “worlds” animation confronts us with. Essays range from close film analyses to phenomenological and cognitive approaches, spectatorship, performance, literary theory, and digital aesthetics. Authors include Vivian Sobchack, Richard Weihe, Thomas Lamarre, Paul Wells, and Karin Wehn.
North America and Asia (excluding Australia and New Zealand)

Author Bio

Suzanne Buchan is Reader in Animation Studies, and head of the Animation Research Centre at the Faculty of Arts & Media, Surrey Institute of Art & Design, University College, United Kingdom.

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Table of Contents

Introduction by Suzanne Buchan
1. The Joyous Reception: Animated worlds and the Romantic Imagination by Rachel Kearney
2. The Animated Spectator: Watching the Quay Brothers' "Worlds" by Suzanne Buchan
3. The Strings of the Marionette by Richard Weihe
4. Gesturing toward Olympia by Heather Crow
5. Literary Len:
Trade Tattoo and Len Lye's Link with the LIterary Avant-Garde by Miriam Harris
6. Literary Theory, Animation, and the "Subjective Correlative": Defining the Narrative "World" in Brit-lit Animation by Paul Wells
7. Animated Fathers: Representations of Masculinity in
The Simpsons and King of the Hill by Suzanne Williams-Rautiola
8. Animated Interactions: Animation Aesthetics and the World of the "Interactive" Documentary by Paul Ward
9. New Media Worlds by Thomas Lamarre
10. Style, Consistency, and Plausibility in the the
Fable Gameworld by David Surman
11. Final Fantasies: Computer Graphic Animation and the [Dis]Illusion of Life by Vivian Sobchack
12. An Unrecognised Treasure chest: the Internet as Animation Archive by Karin Wehn