A Farewell to Arms, Legs, and Jockstraps

A Farewell to Arms, Legs, and Jockstraps

A Sportswriter's Memoir
Diane K Shah
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 04/01/2020
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 978-1-68435-115-2
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Strike fast, strike hard—whether it’s scoring a homerun or front-page news, Diane K. Shah, former sports columnist, knows how to grab the best story.

In her memoir A Farewell to Arms, Legs, and Jockstraps, follow Diane’s escapades, from interviews with a tipsy Mickey Mantle, to sneaking into off-limits Republican galas, dining with Frank Sinatra, flying a plane with Dennis Quaid, and countless other adventures where she wields her tape recorder and a tireless drive for more.

From skirting KGB agents while covering the Cold War Olympics to hunting down the three mechanical sharks starring in Jaws, Diane’s experiences are filled with real heart and a tongue-in-cheek attitude. An insightful look into the difficulties of navigating a male-dominated profession, A Farewell to Arms, Legs, and Jockstraps offers rich retellings and behind-the-scenes details of stories of a trail-blazing career and the prejudices facing female sportswriters during the 60s and 70s.

Author Bio

Diane K. Shah is a former journalist and the first female sports columnist for a major daily newspaper. She is the author of four mystery novels and author (with Daryl Gates) of Chief: My Life in the LAPD, a New York Times bestseller, and Relentless, photographer Neil Leifer’s memoir. She lives in New York City.

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Table of Contents


1. Call Me "Tolerated"

2. Can’t Hire a Girl for That!

3. I Didn’t Fall Far from the Tree

4. This Was My . . . Hero?

5. Pots, Pans and Me

6. Taming the Green Monster

7. Back at the Ranch

8. My Seven-Dollar Formal Gown

9. Where Is That Damn Shark?

10. Ladies Home Journal, Miss?

11. A Hat and a Purple Note Card

12. "I Am My Arm"

13. Moving On

14. Into the Woods with Butch Cassidy

15. If I Ever See That Girl Again, I’ll Spit in Her Face

16. I Wanna Make It Whichoo

17. Mickey Mantle (Again)

18. The Her-Ex

19. What Does a Columnist Do Again?

20. Hey, Kareem! I’m Talking to You!

21. Lunch with the Ladies

22. Georgia Out of Her Mind

23. Dueling with The New York Times

24. The Rednecks Come Calling

25. "What on Earth Is the Matter with the Men in This Town?"

26. Inside Enemy Territory

27. Angels in the Locker Room

28. "I Don’t Need This Fucking Job"

29. Marcus, Slow Down!

30. Pass-Rushing Houseplants?

31. I Always Feel That . . . Somebody’s Watching Me

32. The Accidental Invitation

33. Up Yours, Steve!

34. The Bully of Baseball

35. Breaking and Entering

36. Coach Fashionista

37. A Word about David Letterman

38. Wherefore Art?

39. The Dreaded Balcony

40. And Then I Was Gone

41. The Man Every Man Wants To Be

42. Quick! Hide Your Hand!

43. The Enigma

44. How to Fly an Airplane: Step 1<

45. Newman Again, Really?

46. Lose Your Gun, Chief!

47. The KGB and Me

48. The Moscow Police and Me

49. Some Things Don’t Change, Part I

50. Some Things Don’t Change, Part II

51. Some Things Don’t Change, Part III