Hypatia Reborn

Hypatia Reborn

Essays in Feminist Philosophy
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 11/22/1990
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 978-0-253-32744-4
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The first issues of the journal Hypatia, published from 1983 through 1985, truly heralded the rebirth of a feminist philosophy. Women in philosophy had been silenced since the days of the fourth-century Alexandrian woman philosopher and mathematician, Hypatia. With the establishment of the journal by the Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP), feminist issues and philosophy were legitimized. The first three issues of the journal were actually published as special issues of Women's Studies International Forum. From this unique incubational arrangement, the journal has grown to be a successful independent voice for feminist philosophical concerns. In response to demand, essays from those early, now out-of-print issues are being published in book form as a testament to the rebirth of feminist philosophy.

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Table of Contents

Joyce Trebilcot

Azizah Y. al-Hibri

Part I Feminist Philosophy: Analysis and Recovery

Introduction: Donna Serniak

On the War Path and Beyond
Hegel, Freud and Feminist Theory
Jo-Ann Pilardi

Have We Got a Theory for You!
Femiist Theory, Cultural Imperialism and the Demand for the Woman’s Voice
Maria C. Lugones and Elizabeth V. Spelman

Plato, Irony and Equality
Janet Farrell Smith

How Ordinary (Sexist) Discourse Resists Radical (Feminist) Critique
Terry R. Winant

Re-fusing Nature/Nurture
Nancy Tuana

Masculinity as Ideology in Political Theory
Hobbesian Man Considered
Christine Di Stefano

Part II Affections of Feminism

Ruth M. Schwartz

Feminine Masochism and the Politics of Personal Transformation
Sandra Lee Bartky

The Affirmative Action Debate and Conflicting Conceptions of Individuality
Mary E. Hawkesworth

Motherhood, Feminism and Identity
Margaret A. Simons

Women and Lying
A Pragmatic and Semantic Analysis of Telling It Slant
Gillian Michell

Rereading Freud on Femininity or Why Not Womb Envy?
Eva Feder Kittay

Love, Knowledge and Transformation
Caroline Whitbeck

Part III Beauvoir and Feminist Philosophy

Margaret A. Simons

Humanism, Gynocentrism and Feminist Politics
Iris Marion Young

Reproduction as Male Ideology
Alison M. Jaggar and William L. McBride

Sexual Embodiment
Beauvoir and French Feminism (ecriture feminine)
Arleen B. Dallery

Lesbian Identity
Beauvoir and History
Ann Ferguson

Lesbian Attitudes and The Second Sex
Claudia Card

History and Responsibility
Marilyn Frye

Second Sex: Second Thoughts
Charlene Haddock Seigfried

Interpretation and Retrieval
Rereading Beauvoir
Linda Singer