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The Anatomy of an Oil State
Second Edition
Tony Hodges
Distribution: World
Publication date: 10/7/2003
Format: paper 280 pages, 1 bibliog., 1 index
5 x 8
ISBN: 978-0-253-21678-6
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Praise for the first edition, Angola from Afro-Stalinism to Petro-Diamond Capitalism:

“While most interpretations of the situation in Angola agree that the country suffers from deep divisions that will not easily be overcome, few analysts have been able satisfactorily to explain why one of the potentially richest countries in Africa should be in such a wretched state. Tony Hodges’s book is the first analytically to link together the various economic and political strands that must be examined in order to provide a plausible account of Angola’s post-colonial tragedy.” —Patrick Chabal, International Affairs

“. . . a brief account of how a state once run by Marxist poets, men of high ideals, has turned into another Nigeria.” —Times Literary Supplement

“A veteran observer of Angola, Hodges covers the whole appalling mess with notable detachment.” —Foreign Affairs

Updated and revised following the death of Jonas Savimbi and the suppression of the UNITA rebels, this new edition discusses prospects for using Angola’s oil wealth to end the country’s staggering poverty, rising illiteracy, and increasing child mortality.

Author Bio

Tony Hodges worked in Angola for United Nations agencies from 1994 to 1998. His earlier publications include Angola: Prospects for Recovery.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Four Decades of War and Upheaval
3. Ethnicity, Poverty, and the Rise of a Post-Colonial Elite
4. Governance: The Contradictions of a Stalled Transition
5. Economic Crisis and the Limits of Reform
6. Oil and the "Bermuda Triangle"
7. Diamonds: UNITA's War Economy and State Patronage
8. Conclusions
Statistical Tables