A Shostakovich Casebook

A Shostakovich Casebook

Edited by Malcolm Hamrick Brown
Distribution: World
Publication date: 3/22/2004
Format: cloth 424 pages, 14 b&w photos, 6 figures, 1 bibliog., 1 index
6.125 x 9.25
ISBN: 978-0-253-34364-2
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Winner of the 2005 Deems Taylor award for the article,
"Volokov's Testimony Reconsidered" by Laurel E. Fay
“A major event. . . . This Casebook is not only about Volkov’s Testimony, it is about music old and new in the 20th century, about the cultural legacy of one of that century’s most extravagant social experiments, and what we have to learn from them, not only what they ought to learn from us.” —Caryl Emerson, Princeton University

In 1979, the alleged memoirs of legendary composer Dmitry Shostakovich (1906–1975) were published as Testimony: The Memoirs of Dmitry Shostakovich As Related to and Edited by Solomon Volkov. Since its appearance, however, Testimony has been the focus of controversy in Shostakovich studies as doubts were raised concerning its authenticity and the role of its editor, Volkov, in creating the book.

A Shostakovich Casebook presents 25 essays, interviews, newspaper articles, and reviews—many newly available since the collapse of the Soviet Union—that review the “case” of Shostakovich. In addition to authoritatively reassessing Testimony’s genesis and reception, the authors in this book address issues of political influence on musical creativity and the role of the artist within a totalitarian society. Internationally known contributors include Richard Taruskin, Laurel E. Fay, and Irina Antonovna Shostakovich, the composer’s widow. This volume combines a balanced reconsideration of the Testimony controversy with an examination of what the controversy signifies for all music historians, performers, and thoughtful listeners.

Author Bio

Malcolm Hamrick Brown, a world-renowned authority on Russian and Soviet music, is the founding editor of the Russian Music Studies series at Indiana University Press.


"[A Shostakovich Casebook] presents the views of respected individuals, some of whom knew Dmitri Dmitrievich personally. I believe their opinions are very important, and I am grateful for their publication in this boo" —Mstislav Rostropovich

"[A]n engaging and enlightening anthology . . . ." —

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Table of Contents

Preliminary :

Notes on Transliteration and on Translation

Part I.

1. Shostakovich versus Volkov: Whose Testimony? (1980)
Laurel E. Fay

2. Volkov's Testimony Reconsidered (2002)
Laurel E. Fay

Part II.

3. A Side-By-Side Comparison of Texts from Testimony With Their Original Sources

4. A Pitiful Forgery: About the So-Called "Memoirs" of D. D. Shostakovich (1979)
(A letter to the editor of the newspaper Literaturnaia gazeta)

5. The Bedbug (1979)
(An editorial published in the newspaper Literaturnaia gazeta) (1979)

6. The Official Dossier (1979)
(A news item published in the newspaper Literaturnaia gazeta)

7. Notes from the Soviet Archives on Volkov's Testimony (1995)
Alla Bogdanova

8. An Episode in the Life of a Book: An Interview with Henry Orlov (2000)
Ludmila Kovnatskaya

9. An Answer to Those Who Still Abuse Shostakovich (2000)
Irina Shostakovich

10. On Solomon Volkov and Testimony (1988; 1997)
Boris Tishchenko

11. The Regime and Vulgarity (1999)
Elena Basner

12. Shostakovich's World is Our World (1998)
Mistislav Rostropovich Talks With Manashir Yakubov

13. Shostakovich Remembered: Interviews With His Soviet Colleagues (1992)
Irina Nikolskaya

Part III.

14. A Link in the Chain: Reflections on Shostakovich and His Times (1976)
Henry Orlov

15. A Perspective on Soviet Musical Culture During the Lifetime of Shostakovich
Levon Hakobian

16. The Latest "New Shostakovich" (2000)
Levon Hakobian

17. Dialogues About Shostakovich: From the History of Russian Studies About Shostakovich (2002)
Ludmila Kovnatskaya

Part IV.

18. Ian MacDonald's The New Shostakovich (1993)
Malcolm Hamrick Brown

19. Elizabeth Wilson's Shostakovich: A Life Remembered (1996)
Malcolm Hamrick Brown

20. A Response to Papers by Allan Ho and Dmitri Feofanov (1998)
David Fanning

21. Whose Shostakovich? (2000)
Gerard McBurney

22. The Shostakovich Variations (2000)
Paul Mitchinson

23. Shostakovich: A Brief Encounter and a Present Perspective (1996; 2002)
Malcolm Hamrick Brown

24. Laurel Fay's Shostakovich: A Life (2000)
Simon Morrison

25. When Serious Music Mattered (2001)
Richard Taruskin

List of Contributors

List of Contributors:

ELENA VENIAMINOVNA BASNER, daughter of composer Veniamin Basner, one of Shostakovich's most trusted friends
ALLA VLADIMIROVNA BOGDANOVA has published a number of books in Russian on the music of Shostakovich
MALCOLM HAMRICK BROWN is founding editor of the scholarly series Russian Music Studies
DAVID FANNING is Senior Lecturer in Music at the University of Manchester.
LAUREL E. FAY's scholarly biography, Shostakovich: A Life (New York: Oxford University Press, 2000), received the Otto Kinkeldey Award in 2001 from the American Musicological Society
LEVON HAKOBIAN (in Russia, LEV OGANESOVICH AKOPIAN) holds a position as Senior Research Fellow at the Russian State Institute for Art Studies in Moscow
LUDMILA GRIGORIEVNA KOVNATSKAYA teaches at the Rimsky-Korsakov State Conservatory in St. Petersburg and holds the title, Senior Research Fellow at the Russian Institute of Fine Arts History, St. Petersburg
GERARD MCBURNEY composes, arranges, teaches, and writes about music
PAUL MITCHINSON is a Canadian writer and historian
SIMON MORRISON teaches music history at Princeton
IRINA NIKOLAEVNA NIKOLSKAYA specializes in twentieth-century Polish music
HENRY ORLOV (GENRIKH ALEKSANDROVICH ORLOV) formerly served as Senior Research Fellow at the Leningrad State Scientific Research Institute for Theater, Music, and Film
RICHARD TARUSKIN, recognized internationally for his scholarship on Russian music BORIS IVANOVICH TISHCHENKO, noted Russian composer
MANASHIR ABRAMOVICH YAKUBOV, Curator of the Shostakovich Family Archive in Moscow