The Lotus Dickey Songbook
Includes a CD!

The Lotus Dickey Songbook

Second Edition
Nancy C. McEntire, Grey Larsen, and Janne Henshaw, eds.
With two articles by Dillon Bustin
Series: Quarry Books
Distribution: World
Publication date: 9/13/2005
Format: paper 288 pages, 73 b&w photos
8.5 x 11
ISBN: 978-0-253-21808-7
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The Paoli, Indiana, bluegrass musician Lotus Dickey (1911–1989) is world renowned for his singing, songwriting, and fiddling. Dickey’s unfulfilled desire to publish a book of his songs became a reality when a group of good friends and fellow musicians compiled the first edition of this book after his death. By the 1980s, when his artistry was at its peak, Dickey’s active repertoire was very close to what is represented here—more than 100 country and folk songs, both Dickey originals and some of his favorite traditional tunes. The spirit of sharing, so deep a part of Lotus Dickey’s personal philosophy, inspired this songbook. Long out of print, the new volume improves on the original with a CD in place of cassette tapes.

Author Bio

Nancy C. McEntire is Associate Professor of English at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Grey Larsen is a musician, composer, author, recording artist, record producer, and the music editor of Sing Out! magazine. He lives in Bloomington, Indiana.

Janne Henshaw is a songwriter and recording artist. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Table of Contents

Introduction by Nancy C. McEntire
"His Ceaseless, Ever Changing Song": The Creatie Life of Lotus Dickey, by Dillon Bustin
"Lotus Dickey on His Music" from an interview with Dillon Bustin
"The True Story of 'Dickey's Discovery': Thoughts on Lotus Dickey's Fiddling," by Paul L. Tyler
"A Trip with Lotus Dickey," by Pete Sutherland
"Lotus Dickey: An Appreciation," by Bob Lucas
The Virtues of Lotus Dickey: "Sitting at the Feet of Lotus," by Dillon Bustin

What a Good Life
1. What a Good Life
2. Such a Long Time, Old Friend
3. I only Wanta Be Me
4. The Spirit of St. Louis
5. They're Waltzing in Indiana
6. Can't Concentrate
7. Indiana, My Home Sweet Home
8. One Little, Two Little, Three Little Children
9. Hush While the Little Ones Sleep

Love Songs
10. What Is Love?
11. The Way You're Pleasing Me
12. Walking in the Moonlight
13. How Did You Get In My Heart?
14. I Got That Feelin'
15. Magnificent Lady
16. The Very First Time
17. Special Sentiment
18. My Darlin' Sweet Colleen
19. So Long, Happiness
20. Hey, Hey, Do I Love You
21. Got Someone I'm Wild About
22. I Stole a Curl from the Gypsy Girl
23. Oh, By My Sweet Reality
24. Oh, Is It a Sin?
25. A little Lower Than the Angels
26. So Fair Art Thou, Love
27. Any Time You Smile at Me
28. Darlin' I Do
29. Blue on Monday
30. Got You on My Mind
31. Give Back the Love that I Gave You
32. Hold Me Closely
33. Somewhere Along the Trail
34. Oh, How About Your Love?
35. It's Beginning to Rain
36. Heaven's So Near Me
37. Seesawing
38. Whatcha Tellin' Me?
39. Do You Feel the Same?
40. Dreaming of You
41. Surrender to Me
42. Sing to Thy Love
43. The Wonder of It All
44. Your Touch of Love
45. Tell Me
46. I Love You
47. Before You Go

Nature and the Land
48. The Handiwork of God
49. Go Hoe Hard Your Garden
50. The Man with the Hoe
51. Those Hills of Home
52. Falling Snow
53. Moon in the West

Spiritual Songs and Biblical Ballads
54. Just a Tool in the Hand of God
55. Could Such a One As I?
56. No Other Name
57. I Gotta Go
58. Has Heaven Gone and Left the Door Ajar?
59. Pair in a Paradise
60. I'm Gonna Carry My Burden to the Lord
61. David Loved Bathsheba
62. Beautiful City of Love
63. Let's Sing Now of Jesus
64. I'm A-Goin On
65. Flee to the Savior
66. David Playing on His Harp
67. Little Jesus
68. Sing Ye Heavens, Sing
69. Samson the Mighty
70. To God His Portion, Too
71. The Chosen of the Lord
72. Perilous Voyage
73. My Father Has a House Built for Me
74. The Storm
75. Stand Still, Sun
76. God Made the Woman for the Man
77. By Faith in Jesus
78. Dark Valley
79. Loving Savior
80. Sweet Happy Rest

Lotus's Favorite Folk Songs
81. The Pride of Glencoe
82. The Wounded Hussar
83. I See the Lightning Flashing
84. Walk and Talk with Jesus
85. A Psalm of Life
86. Chickie Shy
87. The Maltese Cats
88. My Dog Jack
89. The Old Black Cat
90. Quack, Quack
91. Chitlin Cookin' Time in Cheatham County
92. Yes, We Have No Bananas
93. Nickety Nackety Now
94. Bury Me Out on the Lone Prairie
95. When It's Nightime in Nevada
96. The Cowboy's Lament
97. The Burglar Boy
98. The Gypsy's Wedding Day
99. I'll Hang My Harp on a Willow Tree
100. Farewell, My Lilly Dear
101. Nicodemus
102. Adadine
103. Somewhere, Someone's Waiting for You
104. Pearl Bryan
105. The Flower of Italy
106. The Merchant's Fair Daughter
107. The Valiant Soldier
108. The Drunkard's Dream
109. Columbus Stockade
110. The Swapping Song
111. Annie Laurie
112. One More River to Cross
113. Wait a Little Longer, Please, Jesus
114. The Master's Bouquet
115. Little Green Valley
116. Barbara Allen
117. Little Mohee
118. Missouri Waltz
119. Scotch Lassie Jean
120. Keep on the Sunny Side

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