Modern Media in the Home
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Modern Media in the Home

An Ethnographic Study
Hugh Mackay and Darren Ivey
Distribution: North America
Publication date: 3/3/2005
Format: paper 182 pages, 1 index
6 x 9
ISBN: 978-1-86020-598-9
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Examining the place of the media in everyday life and social relationships, Modern Media in the Home focuses on ten diverse households in Wales. What emerges is a fascinating account of the diversity of contemporary media uses. Reporting the fine-grained detail of domestic interaction, the book explores how the media are used and understood, and the sorts of experiences, interaction, and identities that are sustained or developed through media use. Challenging the argument that modern media represent forces of globalization and homogenization, Modern Media in the Home demonstrates how the media are implicated in local spatial identities and contribute to the development of local language and culture.
North America and Asia (excluding Australia and New Zealand)

Author Bio

Hugh Mackay is a senior lecturer in Sociology at The Open University. He is co-author of Investigating the Information Society and editor of Transformations in Media Culture.

Darren Ivey, formerly a Research Fellow at The Open University, is a freelance researcher for media organizations in Wales.

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