Horns and Beaks

Horns and Beaks

Ceratopsian and Ornithopod Dinosaurs
Edited by Kenneth Carpenter
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 11/14/2006
ISBN: 978-0-253-02795-5
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Horns and Beaks completes Ken Carpenter’s series on the major dinosaur types. As with his volumes on armored, carnivorous, and sauropodomorph dinosaurs, this book collects original and new information, reflecting the latest discoveries and research on these two groups of animals. The Ornithopods include Iguanodon, one of the first dinosaurs ever discovered and analyzed, and perhaps the most common and best-documented group, the hadrosaurs or "duckbilled dinosaurs." The Ceratopsians include Triceratops, known for its distinctive three-horned skull and protective collar.

Contributors are Michael K. Brett-Surman, Kathleen Brill, Kenneth Carpenter, Benjamin S. Creisler, Tony DiCroce, Andrew A. Farke, Peter M. Galton, David Gilpin, Thomas M. Lehman, Nate L. Murphy, Christopher J. Ott, Gregory S. Paul, Xabier Pereda Suberbiola, Albert Prieto-Marquez, Bruce Rothschild, José Ignacio Ruiz-Omeñaca, Darren H. Tanke, Mark Thompson, David Trexler, and Jonathan R. Wagner.

Author Bio

Kenneth Carpenter is the dinosaur paleontologist for the Denver Museum of Natural History and author of Eggs, Nests, and Baby Dinosaurs, editor of The Armored Dinosaurs and The Carnivorous Dinosaurs, and co-editor of Mesozoic Vertebrate Life and Thunder-Lizards, all published by Indiana University Press. He is also co-editor of Dinosaur Systematics, Dinosaur Eggs and Babies, and The Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation. He lives in Denver, Colorado.


“Horns and Beaks completes Ken Carpenter’s series on the major dinosaur types. This book presents new findings on Triceratops, Iguanodon, and other related dinosaurs in these two groups.”

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Table of Contents


I. Beaked Dinosaurs: The Ornithopods
1. Callovosaurus leedsi, the Earliest Dryosaurid Dinosaur (Ornithischia: Euornithopoda) from the Middle Jurassic of England
José Ignacio Ruiz-Omeñaca, Xabier Pereda Suberbiola, and Peter M. Galton
2. Teeth of Ornithischian Dinosaurs (Mostly Ornithopoda) from the Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic) of the Western United States
Peter M. Galton
3. A Description of a New Ornithopod from the Lytle Member of the Purgatoire Formation (Lower Cretaceous) and a Reassessment of the Skull of Camptosaurus
Kathleen Brill and Kenneth Carpenter
4. Turning the Old into the New: A Separate Genus for the Gracile Iguanodont from the Wealden of England
Gregory S. Paul
5. A Possible New Basal Hadrosaur from the Lower Cretaceous Cedar Mountain Formation of Eastern Utah
David Gilpin, Tony DiCroce, and Kenneth Carpenter
6. Postcranial Osteology of the Hadrosaurid Dinosaur Brachylophosaurus canadensis from the Late Cretaceous of Montana
Albert Prieto-Marquez
7. "Leonardo," a Mummified Brachylophosaurus (Ornithischia: Hadrosauridae) from the Judith River Formation of Montana
Nate L. Murphy, David Trexler, and Mark Thompson
8. Discussion of Character Analysis of the Appendicular Anatomy in Campanian and Maastrichtian North American Hadrosaurids—Variation and Ontogeny
Michael K. Brett-Surman and Jonathan R. Wagner
9. Osteochondrosis in Late Cretaceous Hadrosauria: A Manifestation of Ontologic Failure
Bruce Rothschild and Darren H. Tanke
10. Deciphering Duckbills: A History in Nomenclature
Benjamin S. Creisler

II. Horned Dinosaurs: Ceratopsians
11. Cranial Anatomy and Biogeography of the First Leptoceratops gracilis (Dinosauria: Ornithischia) Specimens from the Hell Creek Formation, Southeast Montana
Christopher J. Ott
12. Cranial Osteology and Phylogenetic Relationships of the Chasmosaurine Ceratopsid Torosaurus