Readings in Medieval Rhetoric

Readings in Medieval Rhetoric

Edited by Joseph M. Miller, Michael H. Prosser and Thomas W. Benson
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 01/22/1974
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-253-34879-1
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This authoritative anthology will put to rest the general impression that traditional rhetoric had little impact during the years between the death of St. Augustine and Bracciolini’s rediscovery of Quintilian. Although little was added to the corpus of material called rhetoric, this discipline nonetheless played an important part as it was brought to bear on new areas of practical need. By presenting 36 rhetorical treatises—many translated into English for the first time—from nearly every century of the period 430 to 1416 A.D., the editors make clear the diversity of interest as well as the continuity of approach that marked the rhetoric of the Middle Ages.

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Table of Contents

1. Martianus Capella, De nuptiis Philogiae et Mercurii, V: "The Book of Rhetoric" (excerpt). Translated by Joseph M. Miller
2. (Pseudo) Aurelius Augustine, On Rhetoric: Additional Material. Translated by Joseph M. Miller
3. C. Chirius Fortunatianus, Artis rhetoricae libri tres, I (excerpt). Translated by Joseph M. Miller
4. Emporius the Orator, Concerting Ethopoeia. Translated by Joseph M. Miller
5. Rufinus of Antioch, Verses... on the Word Arrangement and Metres in Oratory. Translated by Ian Thomson
6. Priscian the Grammarian, Fundamentals Adapted from Hermogenes. Translated by Joseph M. Miller
7. Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius, An Overview of the Structure of Rhetoric. Translated by Joseph M. Miller
8. Flavius Magnus Aurelius Cassiodorus, Institutiones Divinarum et Saecularium Litterarum, II.2: "On Rhetoric." Commentary
9. Isidore of Seville, The Etymologies, II.1-15: "Concerning Rhetoric." Translated by Dorothy V. Cerino
10. The Venerable Bede, Concerning Figures and Tropes. Translated by Gussie Hecht Tannenhaus
11. Alcuin, The Dialogue of Charlemagne and Alcuin concerning Rhetoric and the Virtues. Commentary
12. Rabanus Maurus, On the Training of the Clergy, III.19. Translated by Joseph M. Miller
13. Walafrid Strabo, Verse on the Five Parts of Rhetoric. Translated by Joseph M. Miller
14. Al-Baqillani, Rhetorical Figures in Poetry and the Qur’an. Commentary
15. Alberic of Monte Cassino, Flowers of Rhetoric. Translated by Joseph M. Miller
16. Guibert de Nogent, A Book about the Way a Sermon Ought to be Given. Translated by Joseph M. Miller
17. Hildebert of Lavardin, Second Sermon for Pentecost. Translated by Joseph M. Miller
18. Rupert of Deutz, A Dispute between a Monk and a Cleric about Whether a Monk Should be Allowed to Preach. Translated by Joseph M. Miller
19. Anonymous of Bologna, The Principles of Letter Writing. Commentary
20. Honorius of Autun, Concerning the Exile of the Soul an