Hollywood Gamers

Hollywood Gamers

Digital Convergence in the Film and Video Game Industries
Robert Alan Brookey
Distribution: Global
Publication date: 08/26/2010
ISBN: 978-0-253-00467-3
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For years, major film studios have licensed products related to their most popular films; video game spin-offs have become an important part of these licensing practices. Where blockbuster films are concerned, the video game release has become the rule rather than the exception. In Hollywood Gamers, Robert Alan Brookey explores the business conditions and technological developments that have facilitated the convergence of the film and video game industries. Brookey treats video games as rhetorical texts and critically examines several games to determine how specific industrial conditions are manifest in game design. Among the games (and films) discussed are Lord of the Rings, The Godfather, Spider-Man, and Iron Man.

Author Bio

Robert Alan Brookey is Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Northern Illinois University and author of Reinventing the Male Homosexual (IUP, 2002).


“Exploring the collision of movie-making and gaming, the author critically examines several video games, including Lord of the Rings and Spider-Man.”

“In touring the half-world of film-games, Brookey shows how brands are cross-marketed and why the production of multimedia brands has failed to live up to the talk.”
 — Edward Castronova, Indiana University

“Highly recommended. All levels. June 2011”
 — Choice

“With his clear, concise, and enthusiastic writing, Robert Alan Brookey provides an informative and timely contribution to the new and emerging fields of game studies and media industry studies. . . . Hollywood Gamers proves to be a rich source for scholars interested in the various levels of parallels and interdependence that goes on between the film and vieo game industries. ”
 — Convergence

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Table of Contents

1. Playing Together
2. Playing the Games, Being the Heroes
3. Coppola Sleeps with the Fishes
4. Marvel Goes to the Movies
5. Disney Saves the World(s)
6. What Shall We Play Next?
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